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How to Give your Home a Vintage Look

How to Give your Home a Vintage Look

Vintage style is gaining grounds in interior design.  This style has something that makes it so attractive. Antique furniture may look old but features a unique character. They have a capability of adding charm to any room. In addition, house rugs, wallpapers, lampshades and the like from the past, can make a rather ordinary room into a beautiful environment. How can you decorate with antiques? You do not need an interior designer, to make this a success. All you need is to collect the vintage items and apply them in your home immaculately. Either you can change your home design, or you can use vintage items to blend your contemporary home décor.

Your vintage home project starts at the flea market or antique store.  Here you can find great accessories and furniture, which have survived a couple of decades.  Other forums where you can buy vintage items are online. If you take your time, you can get reasonable deals. You have heard that real antiques cost a great deal. However, do not let this discourage you from achieving your dream house.  Under furniture category, you can look for a corner cabinet, or you can use the sofa that you inherited from your grandparents.  Alternatively, you can create an ancient appearance from a modern piece of furniture by distressing it.

The beauty with the vintage style is that you can take old pieces and utilize them decoratively. For instance, a hatbox can be an excellent place to store your hair accessories. Those old luggage compartments can be used to keep your clothes among other items. An old sewing machine, can take the place of a stylish table or a desk. For a more beautiful look, consider playing with fabrics. In addition, make a blend of crochet, lace, patchwork and embroidery patterns for your curtains, covers, tablecloths or the upholstery on your chairs and sofa.  You can do this by yourself, simply choose flowers and patterns and sew them into your fabric.  Vintage style is mostly defined by patterns; hence do not underestimate the power of prints in bringing out the best of your home.

Another way of decorating with vintage items is by incorporating accessories into the existing home décor.  Things such as teacups, lamps, vases, old pottery and chandeliers will make your living space to stand out. Use your creativity to make art pieces with only a few postcards and letters.  Old books, lace and buttons can be used to make artistic wall hangings, which can add character to a plain wall. In the kitchen, vintage cabinets will be fine with glass knobs. You can also fetch old appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, toasters and blenders. As for the theme color of your vintage kitchen, just go with pale pink, soft yellow, aqua and turquoise.

When you plan to give your home an antique look, the bottom line, is using old things creatively. It does not matter whether you have a contemporary home design, cottage style or a Victorian style, vintage items can accentuate any interior space. Just go out of your way to find unique things that will complement what you already. It is a DIY project, so you will not require a lot of money.

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