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How to frame and hang photos

How to frame and hang photos

There is no better way to personalize a space than in using your own photos. It is also a good way to keep those memories alive. Below is a guide on how you can frame and display them for all to see. Their impact can be improved by use of identical frames and boards.

What you need

Photos, mat boards, cutting mat, frames, photo tape-acid free, mat cutter and a pencil.


Take the measurements of the photo you are framing in order to know the size of mat window. Mark the window that you will cut using a pencil and a ruler. Cut the mat using a mat cutter. Do the same with the other sides of the window. Attach the photo using tape to the mat board. Finally, place the photo in the frame.

Hanging the photos

While hanging the photos, it is important to determine the best place to hang for the best effect. You need to consider room furnishings, lighting and the general environment of the room. The preferred height of hanging the photos is when the eye level is quarter way the image. Try the position of hanging the photo first before actually hanging it. This is by having someone hold the photo for you against the wall to see if the place is right. Once you are satisfied with the location of the photo, determine where to place the screw or nail that you will hang the photo on. While the photo is placed on the wall, start by marking the top center using a pencil. Place the photo with the face down and take the measurements between the hanging wire and the top of the photo. Measure the same distance vertically from the pencil mark on the wall to get the point where the nail or screw will be placed.

•    Choose what to hang the photo with

You have the option of using nails, screw or the traditional hook. If you will hang the photo using a nail, place it at the pencil marking made. Hammer the nail at 45 degrees for firmness. For the screw, simply drill a hole and screw it at the pencil mark you made. The traditional hook requires placing the nail on the hook and then tapping it into the wall at the marked point.

•    Final touches and leveling

After you nail or screw the photo, make sure that it is firm and it cannot fall if you let go. In case it is not firm, it may fall breaking the glass or frame. The pictures also need to be hung straight. Use a level for knowing this by placing it on the photo’s top. If the levels bubble is at the center, then the photo is straight. If the bubble is not at the center, you will need to adjust the photo until the bubble is at the center. There are methods for hanging photos especially those that are heavier and of different sizes such as the use of two hooks, spiral anchors and toggle bolts.

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