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How to clean a bed or mattress

How to clean a bed or mattress

We spend a good portion of our time in bed so why not make sure you always keep it clean. Here we have some helpful tips on how to do it yourself.


Rotate and flip your mattress.

Rotate and flip your mattress as each seasons changes. Heel to Toe is recommended for rotation.


Ban bouncing.

Kids enjoy bouncing on the bed, and that can put stress on box springs and mattress coils


Use some protection.

Protect it with a good mattress pad. Make sure its water proof and hypoallergenic. Wash it frequently in mild detergent.


Vacuum regularly. Regular vacuuming will keep mattresses clean and fresh. Use the upholstery brush to loosen dirt and dust from the surface if you have a pillow top.


Clean stains immediately.

Use an upholstery shampoo on stains rather than household cleaners.Be sure to clean stains immediately.


Controlling Allergens

Carpet, window treatments and mattresses collect dust and pet dander and attract dust mites.


Replace down products.

Pillows, comforters and other items should be made from synthetic fibers. Encase pillows in vinyl covers for added protection.


Keep cool.

Mites thrive in warm weather, so keep household temperatures lower in the bedroom.


Wash bedding often, in hot water.

Temperatures above 130 degrees F are required to kill mites; mites can survive cold water washing. So always wash bed linen weekly, and give pillows, comforters and blankets a trip to the washer every month.


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