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How to add spice to a room

How to add spice to a room

If you want to change the entire look of a room, new furniture would be an effective, but expensive, way to do that.  If new furniture is not in your budget you may want to consider slipcovers.  New coverings for the furniture can alter the look of a room more effectively than almost any other change you can make. In its simplest form a slipcover might just be a particularly beautiful piece of fabric arranged over a footstool and tied to fit at the corners.  Slipcovers, in general, are those removable loose covers that can be replaced fairly quickly when a change is needed.  Slipcovers, either bought or handmade, can be instrumental in bringing a breath of fresh air into any room. They can hide faded, stained, or outdated furnishings.  You can make the look casual or formal depending on your desires.  A fitted, well-tailored slipcover takes the look of upholstery but can still be removed for cleaning.


Footstools and kitchen stools respond well to coverings. An antique embroidered bridge cloth or a leftover yard of fabric from a decorating project makes a new cover in minutes. Color variety makes a refreshing change from all-of-a-kind chairs in the dining room. Slipcovers can also work miracles with furniture pieces that don’t quite match, in either style or color. Coordinating slipcovers can turn mismatched sofas and chairs into a matched set or instantly convert that old couch you have from college into a stunning new sofa.


The fabric you choose for slipcovers will help determine the final appearance of the project.  Find the perfect color—but also take fiber content and weave into consideration.  Natural fibers are more comfortable to use.  These include cotton, linen, ramie, and silk.  Generally speaking these fabrics tend to wrinkle.  Often man made fibers are blended with natural fibers to improve durability and wrinkle resistance.  Fabrics made out of synthetic fibers are not a good choice as they are slippery and may not hold their shape.  Also, make sure that any slipcover fits the furniture they are covering—especially if you are going for a more sophisticated look.  Measure your sofa or chair carefully.  If you are buying slipcovers you may want to try some quick tailoring and tuck here or there.


For apartment dwellers who might find themselves living with neutral walls and carpeting, slipcovers are also a good choice. It is a fast easy way to change the look of your apartment.  You can add warmth and interest to drab spaces through the use of bright-colored slipcovers and appealing pieces of art.

Decorating with slipcovers affords you the chance to try different looks on to see which you prefer without spending a ton of money and being stuck with the look for much longer. You can have lighter colors in the spring and summer and choose cozy colors for fall and winter.

Slipcovers are a designer’s secret weapon. They are washable and versatile. They add flair, give new life to furniture, protect upholstery, and dress up any room in the house without blowing your budget.


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