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How to Accentuate a Room with Throw Pillows

How to Accentuate a Room with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are the love of many home designers. This is attributable to their affordability and the ease with which they are applied. They are very diverse in relation to color, style, patterns, shapes and sizes. The pillows are known to bring in color, comfort and a dose of style, anywhere you place them in your home. When you go shopping you will be limited for choice and for those willing to spare some time and effort for their home décor, you can make yours at home.

Start by adding some pizzazz to your sofas. However, this will depend on your home style. If your décor is modern, transitional or eclectic, consider an odd number of throw pillows. A group of three or five in a blend of sizes and shapes will make the room more appealing. Most contemporary sofas are lower, so choose a pillow that ranges between 18 inches to 22 inches. Larger pillows tend to add more effect but ensure they do not appear to overwhelm your seat. For a traditional style, the pillows should be about 20-inch to 26-inch and in pairs, placed on either side of the sofa. Regardless of your design, feel free to play around with various patterns and textures but keep in mind the color of the room.

The bedroom is another place where throw pillows, make a statement, if they are applied immaculately. Most people subscribe to the school of thought that having many pillows on the bed portrays luxury. However, it is more of a personal preference, when it comes to the number of pillows you should have on your bed.  As a rule of thumb, you should keep their size and number in proportion with the scale of your bed. You should also arrange them with the largest at the back, in that order. For instance, placing two or three large pillows at the back of the standard pillows and then applying a small throw pillow at the front will be awesome.

Besides placing throw pillows on sofas and on the bed, they make the whole house appear lovely and inviting.  Lumbar pillows can transform the look of that occasional seating in the living room, chairs at the edge of the dining table or a desk chair in your home office.  Throw pillows can also add character and improve the comfort of a bench at the entrance. If you enjoy movies, you can select a few cozy pillows to toss on the floors, while watching late in the night.

Your outside spaces can also come out great with throw pillows.  All you need to do is to select pillows, which will not give easily to extreme weather conditions.  There are different designs to choose and all the colors that you will find in a color palette. They can make your fire-pit seating to be more relaxing and enjoyable. Throw pillows are an inexpensive way of decorating a home. It all calls for your creativity. Combine various sizes, patterns, shapes and colors. Most importantly, make sure that whatever choice you make, complements rather than contrasting what you already have.

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