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Go Outside the Box with Bathroom Decor

Go Outside the Box with Bathroom Decor

One of the most limiting rooms in any house or apartment is the bathroom.  It's a room that has natural limitations due to the necessities present in each one.  Whether you have a large or small bathroom, each one has its own set of challenges that need to be tackled.  There needs to be a blending of utility and practicality with an inviting mood that makes it feel inviting and clean.  Finding pieces that suit both of these categories is the ideal goal for remodeling or redecorating any bathroom to freshen it up and keep things organized.


One of the biggest style trends for home décor these days is the rustic and up cycled look.  Repurposing old items for decoration or utility use offers a unique look that can provide an interesting new face to any room.  One of the ways you can go about adding to a bland bathroom would be to keep a look out for an old wooden ladder at any yard sale or vintage shop.  These serve as excellent accent pieces but also have a very practical use.  Each rung of the ladder can be utilized to hang or store your bathroom necessities.  If the rungs are narrow, you can replace them with weathered scrap wood to transform it into a unique shelving unit.  Keeping with the rustic wood décor, keep an eye out for weathered-looking wooden or wicker baskets to add to the shelves for your towels, toiletries, or even artwork you want to display.  It's an excellent poly-tasker that offers function and fashion.


Another trick to spruce up your bathroom requires a bit more space, but provides a fresh and interesting look.  Using furniture or decorative items not usually relegated to the bathroom is a great way to hit the marks of fashion and function.  For example, adding an armoire or bookshelf to the room provides an excellent accent piece that can also house a handy amount of bathroom necessities.  One of the ways to improve an armoire from a closed box in the corner of the room is to remove the doors.  It still maintains the unique look while opening up the space and allowing the contents to be seen.  You can leave it closed if you prefer the closed-off look, but removing the doors or even adding glass to them allows you to add decoration, art, or even show off the matching towels for a multi-textured look.  The same goes for adding a bookshelf to the room.  You can modify any existing bookshelf to fit the unique contours of your bathroom.  Fasten it to the walls flanking the toilet, add it on an adjacent wall of the bathroom sink, or even add it to the foot of your bathtub.  There are so many different ways to modify their size, color, shape, and function that they can added to nearly any crevice of your bathroom and serve as an excellent payoff.


When it comes to decorating the bathroom and giving it a fresh look, even something as simple as paint can change the entire look you've had.  Add paint to areas you may not traditionally think – the exterior of the bathtub, the top of the toilet seat, the floor, or anything else you can think of.  Making the bathroom feel inviting and clean is a job that requires some thinking outside the box.  It's a room that requires organization and utility but needs to feel unique.  Getting creative and using unconventional furniture that provides both fashion and function can add a layer of depth to a sometimes stagnant room.

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