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DIY Window Treatment Tips and Ideas

DIY Window Treatment Tips and Ideas

When you are decorating your home, you have to choose window treatments. Of course, you know that there are many different colors, styles, and designs of window treatments, and you probably already have some preferences when it comes to these items. The expert’s advice that before you choose your window treatments, you take stock of the room they are in and ask the following questions:

     •I the look of the room formal or casual?

     •Does the room need to be filled with light or kept semi-dark?

     •Is the room used frequently or infrequently?

     •What side of the house is the room on and in what direction are the windows pointed?

     •Do you want the window treatment to be easy to notice or to blend in with the rest of the décor?

The answers to these questions will be key in helping you decide whether to get Roman shades, roller shades, curtains, heavy draperies, or a combination of all of these items for your windows.

If you need privacy and light control in a room, then you need Roman shades that are fully lined so they block out the majority of all visibility. You want to buy custom shades so that they fit the window perfectly, and you want to get shades made of tightly woven fabrics that allow very little light to filter through them.

If you want the area to be light and airy, you should consider hanging a valance over the window. The valance will give you a decorative touch without covering the window glass and blocking the natural light. 

You can get a lot of light control with Roman shades and roller shades because these items are made to completely open and reveal the entire window or to completely close and conceal the entire window. A combination of shade and valance can give you a more decorative touch, and having custom shades printed with images you have taken of places you like, people you love, or pets you own can create a unique feel in the room. The layered look may be exactly what you want.

A cornice is a wooden box designed to sit at the top of the window and it covers the curtain rod that is holding the draperies in place. A cornice can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to a room that no other window treatment can add. The cornice will hide the upper section of the curtains where the hooks re and will make the area look very refined. You can make a cornice as fancy as you like by choosing fancier wooden trim to decorate the piece.

You can buy very attractive rods, and fasteners designed to hold your window treatments in place. Your décor can be complimented by the style of curtain rod that you choose. If you are limited on wall space, you can hang Roman shades and roller shades inside the window sill and not have to have any type of fastener protruding onto the wall around the window.

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