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DIY Window Treatment Ideas for your Home

DIY Window Treatment Ideas for your Home

Most people are in a rut when it comes to their window treatment ideas. For instance, look around your home. Have you placed basically the same design of window treatments in every room in your home? Do you have Roman shades on every window? Do you have curtains hanging on the same style curtain rods throughout the house? Well, it is time you started to think outside of the box and create some new looks over your windows.

Bear in mind that the window treatment you use should complement or match the other décor in the room. Do not use old fashioned antique looking picture frames and hang up plastic blinds over the windows. If you have hung antique picture frames, and have Victorian era furniture in the room you should hang heavy draperies made of plush materials like velvet to complete your look.

Have you ever seen the plastic rings that come around a six pack or 8 pack of soda? Did you know that you can make adorable window treatments using those rings and some yardage of material? You simply measure your window width and buy enough material to be three times the width of the window. Measure the length of each window and on each end of the yard goods place a rubber band holding just enough material to go down the side of the window. Then take the plastic rings you have saved and cut them, so they have three (or four) in a row lay one over the material. Start on either side and have the right side of the material facing out. Pinch together some of the material and pull it through a hoop in the plastic ring causing it to make a poof of fabric. Continue doing this until you have created poofs of fabric down the width of the material and then you can hang these window treatments using thumb tacks to hold the first plastic ring to the wall and then one tack at each ring along the upper section of the window. This is a great project for a college dorm room.

You can hang a roller shade over your window and then hang a plain curtain rod above the window. Buy a length of fabric that is three times as long as the window is wide and place it on the rod in gentle folds. You want it to appear to be draped on the rod and not precisely set in place. This creates a soft touch over the roller shade so you have softness and light control.

You can hang a curtain shaped like a cloth awning over a kitchen window to create a dramatic French café look. The awning style curtain will create a distinctive focal point in the room.

You can hang wooden shutters on the interior of the home for a window treatment. Place Roman shades on the inside of the sill and then place the shutters on either side of the window for a dramatic effect. These go especially well with a country or sea faring décor.

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