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DIY Tips on Repairing Broken Window Panes in Your Home

DIY Tips on Repairing Broken Window Panes in Your Home

Glass is a fragile substance that is easy to break. The glass panes in the windows of your home can be broken from debris flying out from under a lawnmower, or from a child’s ball, or in some instances they are broken by acts of nature like limbs falling from trees. It is never a good time to have a window pane get broken, and when it happens you have to decide whether to try and repair the damages yourself, or call an expert.

If the damages are severe, or the window is a specialty window, you might want to make a claim on your home owners insurance and have an expert do the repairs for you. If the damage is contained to one pane of glass, you might want to make the repairs for yourself and save the added expense of your insurance premiums rising because you made a claim.

The first thing that you will need to do is clean up all of the broken glass on the inside, and outside of the window. You want to wear protective gloves so that you can carefully remove any pieces of glass that are still held in the frame of the window.

You will need to use a putty knife, or a scraper to help you scrape away any glue, glazing compound, or putty that is on the mullions, or wooden pieces, that were surrounding the pane of glass. Sometimes the putty will be too hard to remove easily and you might need to apply heat with a heat gun, or soak the putty in linseed oil to get it soft enough to remove. Repeat the soaking and heat application until you can remove all of the putty, or glazing compound.

You will also need to use a paint brush, or a vacuum to remove any paint chips, or debris, that might keep the new pane of glass from sitting properly in the frame. You will need to use needle nose pliers to help you pry the glazing points out of the wooden frame. These glazing points hold the pane of glass in place while the putty dries.

Use a small amount of mineral spirits on a clean cloth to remove any residual dirt that might be on the frame. You will then take a piece of sandpaper and lightly sand the wood that will be against the glass pane. Apply a thin coat of wood protectant to the freshly sanded wood so that the wood will resist weather damage. Allow this to dry completely.

Adhesive putty comes in thin ropes that you can place around the exterior of the mullion. You will need to use a putty knife to get the rope into the crevices and flattened as much as possible. Try to get the putty as smooth as possible and in an even layer.

Press the new pane of glass over the putty and use your putty knife to work a thin layer around the edges of the glass. Then drive the glazing points into the frame surrounding the glass spacing them about four inches apart. Place another thin layer of putty around the glass edges to create a tight seal and allow this to dry completely before painting.

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