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DIY tips of choosing lighting for your home

DIY tips of choosing lighting for your home

For the decorations of your house to everything has to be just right including the lighting. Each room has its own lighting needs, which means it should be lit differently. You do not need to hire a professional to do it because you can light your own home by following the following tips.

Lighting for the foyer and stairways

The foyer being the first place the guests see should be well illuminated. Use a chandelier or a pendant to light the area and make it welcoming. Use recessed down light or halogen lighting to light your artwork. The size of the chandelier should be proportional to the space available. Stairways and hallways should also be well lit. For hallways, place the lighting fixtures after about every 8 feet. You can match the fixtures for the foyer with those of the hallways and stairways. Just make them smaller. You can also use wall scones for additional lighting.

Lighting for the living area

Proper lighting in the living area is needed for proper illumination. It is also suitable for enhancing the ambience of the room and lighting artwork. You can use different lighting fixtures for the bedrooms, living room and playrooms such as recessed lighting, fixtures that are close to ceiling, interior lamps and wall scones. Recessed lighting is good for accenting artwork, grazing and wall washing.

Lighting for the dining room

The lighting fixture should be the centerpiece of the dining room. Express your style using the fixture for your formal or casual dining style. For general lighting, a pendant or a chandelier is appropriate for setting the tone of the room while recessed lighting can provide additional light while creating illusion of larger space.  Using this lighting will illuminate your dining room while also portraying your style.

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen is a busy place in the house, and it needs to be well lit. It is the place where meals are prepared and family gather. Decide on the lighting that should be on each area of the kitchen. For the kitchen dining area, a pendant can provide the lighting. Larger kitchens should have supplemented lighting with down lights.Include lighting under the cabinets. This will prevent shadows from forming on the counters. Recessed lights can also be placed over the sink.

Bathroom lighting

The bathroom is a place for relaxing and therefore, should be well lit. Use recessed lighting and bath wall brackets. If the bathroom is large, you can supplement the lighting with ceiling fixtures. Do not forget to put one fixture above the mirror. Use recessed lights in the shower.

Outside lighting

You can choose to decorate the exterior of your house with lights. Use fixtures on walls, along pathways and on the entrance foyers to light and decorate your home. If installing lanterns, note that they can be glaring to the neighbors and motorists. Light your exterior with hooded lights to shield the glare or position the lights within the plant material to hide them.

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