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DIY Tips for Roller Shade Installation

DIY Tips for Roller Shade Installation

Almost all people put some type of window treatment over their windows. The roller shade is an excellent choice as a window treatment because it is effective and cost effective as well. Once you have decided to use roller shades over your windows you will need to install those window treatments. The following advice tips will help you make your installation go as smoothly as possible.

Assemble a pencil, a tape measure, an awl or an icepick, and a hammer. These should be the only tools you need to install your new roller shade.

Each roller shade comes with two metal support brackets designed to hold them in place. You will find these support brackets in the package your roller shade came in. Position the two metal support brackets with one on each side of the upper portion of the window frame. The support brackets should be placed level and exactly opposite one another in order for your roller shade to work properly.

Mark the position of the brad holes using the metal bracket as a template and making the mark with the pencil. When you are positioning the metal support brackets be sure that you leave enough room between the shade and the top of your window jamb. If you do not leave enough room the shade will be hard to roll up and down, and may get damaged when you try. Bear in mind that when the shade is completely rolled up the circumference on the roller will be much greater than it is when the shade is open all of the way.

Once you have decided on the proper place for the support bracket mark the position that the brad will need to be in. measure the distance from the top of the window frame and the side of the window frame so you can mark a position on the opposite side that will be exact.

Use the window stops and the small brads that are supplied in your package with your roller shade to secure the shade brackets.

Use the carpenter’s awl or the icepick and the hammer to make a starting hole where the brad is going to be nailed into the frame. Hold the bracket with one hand and use the hammer to drive the brads into the holes you have started. Once you have these positioned properly you will slide the ends of the roller shade into the brackets.

You want the shade to be in a fully wound position during the installation to make certain that it will retract properly. If you pull down on the roller shade and it fails to function properly then pull it down for about one foot and remove it from the mounting brackets. Manually rewind the shade onto the roller and then reposition the shade on the mounting brackets.

When you want to remove your roller shade you will simply push up on the end that is slotted and then pull the other end of the roller shade free of the bracket it has been placed in.

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