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DIY Tips for Painting Geometric Shapes on Your Walls

DIY Tips for Painting Geometric Shapes on Your Walls

It will take several different paints in order for you to create an awesome geometric design, but you will only need small amounts of each of the colors. The finished product will be a wall that wows everyone that enters the room. It will be a true work of art.

You are going to need some metallic glaze, some latex glaze, some latex glaze extender,(glaze extender helps to keep the glaze wet and workable for a longer period of time so that you have less waste) some eggshell finish paint, and some pearl finish paint. Regal paints make some excellent paints to use for these types of painting projects.

You will need soft rags that are lint free, a three inch paint brush, disposable gloves, a paint tray, a drop cloth, painters tape, and water to clean everything up with when you are done.

Your first step is to clean the wall surface thoroughly removing all particles of dust. Then you can apply the base color paint you have chosen.

Next you are going to plan the layout of your geometric design. It is best if you take some graph paper and draw the layout on it before you begin to draw it on your wall. This will allow you to perfect the look before you start to apply the paint.

You will need to use a level to create the straight lines of the geometric sections. You can use a white pencil, or chalk to mark the lines. You will want to make very light pencil lines so that they do not show through the paint and glaze of the finished section. Then you can use painters tape to go along the lines so that you can paint each section a slightly different color and create the geometric design you have drawn out on paper.

The colored glazes can now be applied to each of the taped off sections. You can use the ragging technique to apply these colored glazes to get a more intriguing finish. You will need to allow the glaze to dry completely before you remove the tape. Remove the tape.

Now it is time to place the tape in new lines so that you can paint the edges and create a blended look from one color section to the next one. You will use your level again to make certain you place the tape in level lines along the wall. You can also use a carpenters tool called a Tee-square to help you position the tape in level lines.

You will then apply the appropriate colored glaze over the lines so that the geometric shapes appear to overlap one another, and blend together. You can apply as little, or as much of the colored glaze as you want to create the look you like. Just allow everything to dry completely before you remove the painters tape.

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