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DIY Tips for Installing a Dimmer Switch

DIY Tips for Installing a Dimmer Switch

You can control the atmosphere of a room by dimming the lights. Dimmer switches can be installed in a child’s room so that you can soften the lightning and make it easier for them to drift off to sleep, but still leave enough light that they can see that no monsters are lurking in the corners of their room. These switches can allow you to create a romantic setting in the dining room or reduce the glare on your television screen. All you need is a few tools and some simple instructions to install these items.

You are going to need to have a flat head screw driver to install the new dimmer switch. You may also need a small amount of touch up paint to touch up on the wall around the switch if your new switch plate is smaller than the one that was on the wall before.

Open up your Roman shades and let all of the light you can stream in from outside because you are going to have to shut off power to the room during this procedure. Turn off the power at the switch itself, and then turn off the power supply at the circuit breaker panel. A light tester will come in handy for you to confirm that the wires you are about to touch are disconnected from the power supply.

You need to remove the screws that are holding the cover plate on the existing switch. You will then unscrew the switch by gently pulling the switch free of the switch box. Carefully compare the back side of the dimmer switch where the wire connections will be made to the switch that is currently connected. You are familiarizing yourself with where each wire will go when you change the switches out. When you are sure that you know where to connect the wires on the new switch lay it to the side and disconnect the wires hooked to the current switch. You will unscrew a screw and the bare portion of the wire generally hooks over the screw in a small loop. On some switches your bare section of wire is inserted into a terminal hole and when you unscrew the screw holding it in place you tug gently to pull it free.

Lay the old switch to the side and connect the wires to the proper position on the dimmer switch. You will push the new switch into place in the wall, making sure that the electric wires are pushed into place and no wires are touching that should not be touching, and connect it to the junction box using the screws that came with it. You then place the switch cover over the new switch and go to the circuit breaker panel to restore power to the switch.

Test the new dimmer to make sure that it functions correctly. You are ready to do any touch up painting that might be necessary before you call the job complete.

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