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DIY Tips for Installing a Bow Window

DIY Tips for Installing a Bow Window

A bow window is a perfect solution as a replacement for an old picture window. The bow window will add style, and elegance, and you can add a beautiful window seat beneath it without any trouble.

Your first priority is to set a temporary supporting wall about 3’ from the window. When you stand the wall frame up position it directly beneath the ceiling joists. Then terminate the electric power to any outlets on the wall that is about to get the window installed in it. To help keep the dust that enters the main room to a minimum you can nail plastic sheeting over the temporary support wall.

You will need to remove the wall boards, or drywall from around the picture window so that you can remove the studs next to the window and remove it from the wall. You may find it helpful to have a big sledgehammer and a 3 foot pry-bar handy during this process.

Make certain that you have a sturdy header and window support in place for the new window to sit on. You are going to require several helpers when you sit the new window into place because of the weight and the bulkiness of the window. You can remove the window sashes during installation to lighten the load.

Once the window is sitting securely in place you will need to enclose the bottom of the window. You will want to use plastic capped nails and secure the rigid insulation to the footboard of the window to the exterior bottom of the new window. Then you will use drywall screws to secure a piece of ¾ plywood beneath this. Your drywall screws will need to be long enough to go through the rigid insulation but not so long that they will go through the footboard. You will use galvanized nails to attach another ¾ plywood piece as a soffit. You want to make sure that you keep the layers of plywood, the footboard, and the rigid insulation even with the outer edge of the window.

You can make sure that the window remains level, even after the inevitable settling it is going to do by getting the footboard level and then lifting it up about an eighth of an inch using cable nuts to secure it. When the cables stretch and give they will allow the window to settle in a normally level position.

You will need to go inside and repair any drywall that you damaged while removing the picture window. Then you need to paint your drywall to prepare it before installing the trim around the window opening. You will need to measure and cut the trim and then nail it in place using finish nails. Once the nails are in place you will use a nail set to sink the nails farther into the wood and then put paintable putty over the nail heads so that the trim looks seamless.

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