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DIY Tips for Hanging Window Treatments and Home Décor Accessories

DIY Tips for Hanging Window Treatments and Home Décor Accessories

The majority of rooms we occupy have windows in them. In order to make our rooms look prettier we hang window treatments over these windows. Window treatments include valances that cover just the top portion of the window, and shades that can be raised and lowered, and curtains that are used to cover the entire window. There are a lot of different types of window treatments, but they share common factors in how they are installed by professionals.

If you want your window treatments to look professional, then you have to make sure that you hang them level. You cannot simply eyeball them from across the room and decide where to hang the fasteners that will hold the curtain rods, or shades, in place. You need to get out a level and mark the exact location that the hanger will need to be placed so you hang the item perfectly level.

You should use a level to help you mark the positions for hangers for pictures, and other home décor accessories. Having the items hung up in a completely level position will make the entire room look better. Most people cannot stand to see a crooked picture on a wall, and will stop to adjust one if they do. Make sure that you have your pictures hung level.

The hangers designed to support the shades, or curtain rods that you have purchased will come with the appropriate hardware to install them. If you have lost your hardware, you can purchase kits that have several different size fasteners that are commonly used when people hang pictures, or curtain rods. Keeping one of these kits handy will allow you to always have the right fastener for the job at hand. Most of the kits also come with the proper hardware to repair damaged hangers on the backs of picture frames, and to attach hangers to frames that need them.

Mark the position of a curtain hanger by holding it in place with one hand, getting it perfectly leveled, and then marking the holes where the fasteners will be placed. You can use a pencil, or marker for this procedure because you will hide the mark when you install the hanger.

For pictures, you will need to look at the back and assess the type of hanger that will be needed, and how many fasteners will need to be placed on the wall. Measure the distance between the fasteners, and measure the distance from the upper edge of the frame to the place the fastener must be. Create a level line on the wall where the upper edge of the frame will sit and then find the center of the line using a ruler. From the center point you can measure down as far as you need to from the edge and then measure to the exact positions that the hangers need to be placed in. Make marks on the wall using a pencil, so they can be easily removed if you change your mind.

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