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DIY Tips for Fresco Style Painting

DIY Tips for Fresco Style Painting

The Fresco technique for painting will leave you with walls that have the mottled appearance of parchment paper. Your walls will have a warm and inviting appearance that helps to blend all of your other home decorating efforts together.

Fresco style painting requires you to use a pearl finish paint, and eggshell finish paints in two different colors, and then to finish the job with a latex glaze. Benjamin Moore paints sells the Regal brand of paints that has all of the types of paints that you need to do this job.

You will also need to gather a roller with a 3/8 inch nap, an angular sash paint brush. Some cheesecloth, a paint tray, disposable latex gloves, a roller cage, and some paint stirring sticks that you get from the hardware store.

You begin the process by cleaning the walls and making sure they are free of nails, and things that your paint roller might hang on. You need to carefully remove the trim around the base of the walls so that you do not get paint on them.

You need to paint the walls a base color using the pearl finish paint. We chose cloud white to paint our walls with. Allow twenty four hours for your paint to dry before you move on to the next step.

You will now mix the paint for the second step by pouring six parts glaze and two parts of each of your eggshell paints. We chose Roxbury caramel and Barely beige from Benjamin Moore for our project. You want to put the glaze in the paint tray first, and then pour two parts of your colors in separate corners of the paint tray. Try to stir your color and glaze together without mixing the two colors in the process.

You are going to load your paint roller the way you normally load one, but when you reload the roller pay attention and put the end that had the light color back into the tray so it will pick up more of the light color so that you do not mix your paints.

You will roll the paint onto the wall in different directions until you start to achieve the look you were trying to create. You can blend in any harsh lines by using the cheesecloth to dab them away. You need to use a gentle touch when you are wiping away the harsh lines so that you do not wipe away too much of your paint.

You will use the paint brush to reach into the corners of the room, and you can use the cheesecloth to dab some paint in these areas so that the look is continued.

Helpful Hints

Do not substitute other types of cloth for your cheesecloth because the cheesecloth is what helps to create the look you are after. You want to not load too much paint on the roller at one time, and if you do not like how a section looks simply roll over it and begin again.

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