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DIY Tips for Finishing your Basement

DIY Tips for Finishing your Basement

A lot of us are cramped in the rooms of our home and would love to have a bigger one, but we cannot afford to buy a bigger home, so we have children sharing rooms, and we share our home offices with all of the other family members that need it. Just below the majority of homes is a space that could be renovated to make more bedrooms, game rooms, dens, office spaces, laundry centers, and any other type of rooms that we can dream of. The home basement is much more than a simple place to store things it can be another level to the home.

Your first concern in basement renovation is whether or not the area is free of moisture. You must be able to control the moisture to stop mold and mildew problems. You may have to seek the advice of an expert in this field because this is the most crucial element to home basement renovation. You must be able to control the moisture or else you will be wasting money trying to renovate the space.

Once you have moisture problems settled you can go into the basement and start to envision the rooms that you need. You may only need one large room so your basement only needs to be painted, and a little home decorating needs doing, or you may want to separate the space and create several rooms. You need to determine what you need the space to become so that you can start installing walls, and the necessary elements to define those spaces.

It is best if you take a tape measure and measure out the rooms and then mark the location of walls, and doorways using a chalk box, or painters tape. This will give you a clear idea of where things are going to be inside the area, and what you will need to buy to create the rooms you want.

You must now sit down and create a budget for the renovations you want to make. Be realistic about the amount you can afford to spend on this project. Look into all of the different building materials and see which ones are better suited to your budget. You may have to wait and save some money before you begin, or you may have to do a little at a time. Remember that it is better to wait a little while and get what you want than it is to rush into something and not be happy with the finished project.

You may need permits to do the work you are wanting to do so check with your city building permit office and see if any permits are required. Once you know what permits are required, and how to schedule inspections, you will be able to proceed with your renovations.

Basement windows will normally be hard to fit with standard window treatments. You can buy custom made Roman shades, or roller shades that will fit these windows, and will add to the d├ęcor you wish to establish.

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