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DIY Tips for Creating Unique Room Dividers and Door Alternatives

DIY Tips for Creating Unique Room Dividers and Door Alternatives

A lot of times you have a house that has very large rooms that you wish were divided into smaller spaces. You can renovate the house by building in walls or you can get imaginative and use other items to create division within the rooms. Do not be afraid to step out of the box with your home decorating ideas, you might start the next great trend.

One thing that you can use to create beautiful room dividers is large Roman shades like the ones crafted to go on large windows, or sliding glass doors. You have to be slightly creative with the hangers for these shades, but they make beautiful dividers that are very inexpensive. You can hang them from the ceiling above the area or you can place two boards up to establish a frame for the Roman shade.

You can use floor length curtains to create room dividers. You can hang these curtains on rods suspended from the ceiling, or you can suspend conduit, or PVC pipe and hang the curtains from them. When you use PVC pipe or conduit, you can make circular shaped dividers to create a truly interesting segment of the room.

You can place book shelves in the room to create a dividing wall. On one side of the shelves, you can place decorative items that fit the use of the space and on the other side you can use decorative items that compliment that space. These shelves can be free standing or you can anchor them in place to the floor, or to the ceiling. You can use wooden ladders instead of bookshelves to create a division in a room, and you can decorate the ladder with items that accent the décor of the portion of the room they are facing.

You can stand tall dressers in-between two areas that you wish to separate. The back of the dresser can be decorated with posters, or material can be draped over it to make it look more attractive in the room. You can also create division in a room by using the furniture, the couch, or a bed, and place this furniture on the dividing line.

You can buy long stings of beads and hang them from the ceiling using eye hooks or cup hooks. You can buy these beads made from many different materials, and colors. You can create a beautiful divider that is unique to your space and style.

You can buy glass blocks, or concrete blocks, and stack these blocks so that they form a dividing wall. The concrete blocks can be painted to accent the room décor, and you can stack them in such a manner that they form shelves that can hold other decorative items you might want to display in the room. The glass blocks provide a great look, but cost a lot more than the concrete blocks do.

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