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DIY Tips for Creating Fun Spaces inside your Home

DIY Tips for Creating Fun Spaces inside your Home

Our homes should be places that we enjoy being in. We should find comfort, a place to relax, and joy in our homes. There is no reason why you cannot decorate your home so that you can have fun spaces inside it. Too many times we try to keep our interior decoration to a level that we see in magazines and what we end up with is homes we do not truly love.

One thing that many home owners lack is a place to go outside and play. Many people own apartments, or condos and they do not have an outside area where they can go and enjoy the sand, the sun, or the surf. You can create an outside oasis inside your own home for you to enjoy anytime that you wish.

Most people who have formal dining rooms no longer use these rooms. They become a place to throw things on top of a table when we are walking by, or a room that we must keep dusted, and tidy. These are perfect areas to use to create an outdoor/indoor fun area.

You can start by painting the walls a light, breezy color. Get bold and paint a light blue on the upper portion of the wall and a warm sand color on the bottom. Then you can buy picket fencing and use the picket fencing on the bottom section of the walls. If you have any artistic abilities, you can paint in the ocean coming to shore, or you can paint in trees, or tall reeds. Have fun with the painting and keep it light. 

Consider throwing brightly colored throw rugs on the floor and place Adirondack chairs, and beach chairs in the room for seating. You can make use of bean bag chairs as well, and if you want to upgrade the look a bit you can buy one of the wicker sets from the home and garden centers.

For a table, you can retrofit a regular table to have a beach comber look. Take the top off of the table and use the frame. Build a shallow box that will fit into the frame and attach it where the top of the box is even with the top of the table. Fill the box with sea shells, and sand, and then put a Plexiglas covering over the table. You can glue the Plexiglas down using a silicone caulk. You will have an interesting table to sit at while you enjoy a meal with friends.

You could take a cast net and stretch it from one corner of the ceiling to another corner along one wall. Fill this net with children’s stuffed toys that go with the sea side theme you are creating.

Place sand pails in the room and use them as planters for potted plants, or simply fill them with sand for a decorative touch.

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