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DIY Tips about Building your Home Improvement Tool Box

DIY Tips about Building your Home Improvement Tool Box

While we are living with our parents, we get spoiled by the fact that when we want to paint our walls there are usually paint trays, paint brushes, roller cages, and drop cloths handy for us to use. When we want to hang new Roman shades on the windows, we go to the area of the house that our parents store their screwdrivers, hammers, and tape measures in. When we move into our first place, we do not have the luxury of having all of those things readily available and we usually have to budget how many tools we can buy at one time.

Everyone has to start somewhere so your first thing to do is decide where in your house, you are going to keep your tool kit. You may use a plastic storage container, a tool box, or simply put the items in a kitchen drawer, but you need to define a place for tools and keep tools in that place.

Next you need to make a simple list of the most used tools for the most common situations. Buy the things on that list one at a time, or all at once, but place them in your storage place so you will know where to go in the event of an emergency.

Tool kit basics

      •A flashlight is needed to see into the dark areas where you are working. Many times your lights will be out, or the item you are working on will be positioned so that the overhead lights do not adequately eliminate the area you need to work on.

      •Keep fresh batteries for your flashlight, your smoke detector, and your clocks in your tool drawer

      •You are going to need a hammer. You need a hammer for the majority of home improvement jobs you will be doing, and you need them to hang pictures and decorations.

      •A hand saw should be close to the top of your list of supplies because you can cut plastic pvc pipe with it, and you can cut boards with it as well. Later on, you can add a circular saw, and a jig saw to your tool collection.

      •You need a flat head screw driver and a Phillips head screw driver. You can buy screwdrivers that have changeable tips so you have one body and both types of heads. You can get an electric screwdriver or the manual type.

      •You need a measuring tape. These items are useful for all types of projects.

      •You need a pair of regular pliers, and a pair of needle nose pliers in your kit.

      •You will need a paintbrush for painting items and they are also handy for helping you clean the dust from some items.

      •You need to have a small level to help you hang decorations, hand curtain rods, and do simple projects.

You need a roll of duct tape, and a roll of electricians tape.

There are a lot of things that you will acquire over time, but these are the basics that will help you get through minor repair jobs, and your first decorating experiences easily.

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