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DIY Ideas for Creating New Uses for Old Spaces

DIY Ideas for Creating New Uses for Old Spaces

In our busy lives most of us do not sit down at the dining room table for dinner very often. In the 50’s most families ate their evening meals in the home sitting around the dining room table as a family unit. Times have changed, lifestyles have changed, and there is a good chance that the dining room you have in your home is rarely entered except when you are passing through it on your way to another room. You can add some paint, and home decorating touches to this room and create a new space that is used frequently.

You can take this space and turn it into an office space. The dining room is generally in close proximity to the kitchen and the living room so you will have an office that is close enough to the most frequently used rooms in your house that it makes it easier for you to do your daily chores, and use your office.

Take a fun futon sofa, and some bean bag chairs, and make the dining room over into a room that your children can use to hang out in. If you do not have a den, you might want to consider placing the video gaming console in this room so the children can play their games and you can still enjoy your television programming in your living room.

You can place shelves on the walls, and comfortable chairs with plenty of cushions along the walls, with lamps beside the chairs, and create a reading nook. Fill the shelves with books, and reading material and encourage your children to spend time here. Many people do not read as much as they would if they had a place where they could go and read in peace without the distractions of everyday life.

If you do not formally entertain very often then take that formal living room and fill it with a comfortable patio set so that your children, and your friends will have a place inside your home that you can relax in without feeling pressured. Turn a formal living room into a place where the children can do arts and crafts, or where you can store all of your collections, and organize your life.

Remember that the rooms in a house have suggested purposes. You can use any room of your house in any manner you choose. If you want to put a daybed in the dining room, and add a couple of sitting chairs you can create a perfect place to relax and take a nap, or a guest room for people to use when they come to visit.

Remember that when you are decorating a space, there are a lot of objects around your home that could be used for more than one purpose. Old dressers, mirrors, and trunks can make handy decorations for use in offices, informal rooms, and crafting rooms.

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