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DIY Ideas for Closet Transformations

DIY Ideas for Closet Transformations

If you have the need of a home office, or a place for the kids to do their homework, or possibly a place to fit a washer and dryer, then you might want to take a look at some of the small closets in your home. You can transform a small closet space so that they function as many different types of rooms.

A hall closet is often very small. They are designed so that people can hang winter coats in when they have visitors, and as a little extra space for storing those items that do not quite have a home in any other room. You can empty that hall closet and add a wide shelf that is desk top height. Above that you can install a couple of narrow shelves above this one. You can have an electrical outlet installed into the closet so that you have a small home office where you can plug up your computer, or the kids can sit and do their homework, or you can do your correspondence and keep your bills, envelopes, and everything handy.

You can change the floor plan of a spare bedroom by removing the closet doors and the small piece of wall that establishes them as a closet and leaving the space open. This will allow you to have a recessed area in the room for a reading nook, or a desk, or an entertainment center. Your overnight guests will love the added space, and the charm this nook creates in the room. Try painting the nook with an accent color and adding a lamp, or a touch light to create more lighting in it.

You can transform a small closet into a trendy laundry area. Many bathrooms, and kitchens have small storage closets that could quickly become your new laundry center. Install the hook-ups for a stackable washer and dryer, and on the door of the closet you can hand a rack to hold items like dryer sheets, small bottles of washing detergent, bleach, and stain remover. Make the space adorable by painting the walls a vibrant color like neon green, harvest orange, or pink. Add a place to hang a few extra clothes hangers or to hang your clothing when you first get it out of the dryer by placing a hook like stores use to hang small items up for display. You can even stand your ironing board in this section, or place a drop down ironing board in this section if the closet is large enough.

Some people have large walk in closets in their homes that could be re-purposed as a bedroom for guests, or for a child. You can empty a large walk in closet and turn it into a small bedroom with a few shelves, a twin bed, or a fold down bed. Place the clothing you once had in the closet in a portable wardrobe. Many walk in closets are already wired with electrical outlets so all you need is a little paint and ambition to create an entirely new room in your house.

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