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DIY Home Renovations you can do in a Weekend

DIY Home Renovations you can do in a Weekend

Our homes are our own personal spaces. The way that our homes are decorated reflect our personal likes, and dislikes. From time to time, we start to get tired of the way our homes look, or we simply get ready for a change. When that happens, there are several things that you can do to liven up the interior of your rooms in a short amount of time. The real plus to most of these ideas is that they do not cost much money to do.

Take stock of things you already have and then imagine them serving a new purpose. For instance; you can take an old dresser, like the one from a baby’s room, and repurpose it as bathroom storage, or as an entertainment center, or as linen storage in the dining room. An old dresser can be put to use in many areas in your home.

To make an old dresser fit into the décor of a new room, you may have to give it a fresh coat of paint so that is accents, or compliments the color palette of the room. You can also adorn dressers with photo images, or with decals that give them a new look. Replacing the knobs on the drawers can cause a dresser to have an instant transformation.

Gather your old picture frames up and repaint them to create interesting photo collage pieces. Most people have several picture frames scattered around their home, or stuck in closets for storage. An inexpensive can of spray paint, or a small brush and a pint of paint, can help you to create matching photo frames from all of those odd and ends you have stored around the house.

When you have your frames painted to do not just fill them with the stock family photos you have. Walk around your home, or your neighborhood and take pictures of everyday objects from interesting angles. You might capture a beautiful butterfly in your back yard. Then you can use your home printer to make copies of the picture and frame them. Group the pictures in interesting ways on the wall instead of in a straight line you could create a Chevron effect using picture frames of the same color. Be creative and do not be afraid to try new things.

You can take an inexpensive lamp shade that you find at a flea market, or garage sale, or stored in your basement, and use ribbon, or water colors to create a pure work of art that can add interest to any room. Remove all dust from the shade and use water colors, or my personal favorite is to use the washable markers and stencils to create interesting ornamentation on lamp shades. Pair those shades with lamp bodies that you have painted and you instantly have a new decoration that only cost you a few pennies to create.

Use old Roman shades of a single color and apply the same stenciling principle to create crafty new shades for your home.

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