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DIY Home Decorating Suggestions for Homes with High Ceilings

DIY Home Decorating Suggestions for Homes with High Ceilings

Having a really high ceiling in a room can make it feel airy, and larger than it is, but it can also make the room seem impersonal, and lacking in the cozy warmth we want our homes to have.

If you have high ceilings and feel like your home lacks warmth because of them, you can always have a drop grid ceiling installed to lower the ceiling, or there are a few tricks that you can perform that will help make the ceiling height less noticeable.

You can paint the ceiling a darker color than the walls. Most of the time we paint our ceilings white, or a light color, but when you have a really high ceiling, you can make the color of paint darker to diminish the appearance of the height. You should consider some warm colors like harvest orange, crimson red, emerald green, or brown. Dark tones make a room seem more intimate and choosing warmer tones will make the room more inviting.

You can drop down the sides of the wall about one foot and install a picture rail around the room. Paint the section of the wall above the picture rail in the same color that you paint the ceiling with. This will instantly make the height of the ceiling appear lower.

Create patterns on the ceiling to make it seem closer to you. You can get paper patterns, or you can create patterns using drywall compound and paint. The patterns on the ceiling will help to create the visual effect of the ceiling being closer to the floor than it really is.

Choose lighting fixtures that hang down like chandeliers. You can buy many different types of lighting fixtures that are designed to hand from pedestals. You can also install ceiling fans on pedestals so that they dangle farther down and create an illusion of the ceiling being closer to you.

Add home decorations that create drastic horizontal contrast in the room. Long couches that set low to the floor, statues and busts that are elongated, busy paintings that are in wider frames will all help to reduce the perception of the ceiling height.

Long, heavy draperies that reach the floor increases the perception of height in the room. You want to use light window treatments like Roman blinds that come just to the edge of the window sill and does not extend beyond it. Roller shades will also give you this benefit, or short airy curtains.

Hang your pictures and ornamentation lower on the walls than you normally would have to decrease the look of the high ceiling. Your eye will be drawn to the lower paintings and this will trick your mind into thinking the ceiling is lower.

Install lights designed to light small areas and point them downwards instead of up at the ceiling. This will create a greater feeling of intimacy in the room.

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