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DIY Decorating with Roman Shades

DIY Decorating with Roman Shades

Small apartments, small houses, and small living quarters are harder to decorate because you do not have as much space to put decorations in. One way for you to decorate your small space is to buy custom Roman shades as window treatments. You can accent any home d├ęcor with custom Roman shades on the windows.

Roman shades can be hung from mounting brackets placed inside the window framework. This means that nothing is sticking out above, or to the sides of the window so you have room to hang shelving, and other things. Every inch of space counts when you live in a small apartment so this simple fact makes a huge difference.

Roman shades can open by pulling the material up in a different number of folds so you can choose different styles that create different looks. When the shade lifts in more folds, it creates a more elegant or sophisticated look. Some people say that the Roman shades that lift into smaller  folds actually look better in more feminine rooms while the fewer folds look better in more masculine rooms. This is purely a matter of opinion and opinions vary greatly.

Roman shades can now be crafted from materials that have images you provide printed on them. You can create a space that is unique by having shades crafted with pictures of places, people or things that you love on them. You can also get your shades made in custom sizes so you can get one to fit those hard to fit window sizes that are often found in garage apartments, and in loft apartments that were constructed in what was once a commercial building.

If you have your Roman shades made with pictures on them, you can increase the number of family photos you have to display without increasing the amount of wall space you need to display those pictures. Every inch counts in small spaces, so you get to have more of what you love by making one item serve two purposes.

When you want to completely block all light from entering a room, you can hang your Roman shades outside of the main window sill on the outside of the trim. When you pull the shade it will completely cover the window and the trim leaving the light obscured. The thicker the material the shade is made from the lighter  blocking that it can do. If you have your shades custom made, you can select the thickness you desire so you get the service you need from the shade.

Roman shades can be pretty, they can be decorative, they can be practical, and they are reasonably priced. When you have this type of window treatment, there is no need for other window treatments to be hung to create an attractive finished window. Your Roman shades will be able to do the job you need while making your space look more like you want it to.

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