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DIY Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

DIY Decorating Tips for Small Spaces

You may not realize that when you paint a small space with light colors, you actually make the space look smaller than it is. If you want to give the space the appearance of being larger, you want to paint the walls with darker colors, and use lighter furniture to occupy the area.

Mirrors on the walls can make the room look a lot larger than it is. In small bedrooms, you can use floor to ceiling mirrors on the sliding doors of closets and immediately create an illusion of a much larger room. You can use floor length mirrors in any room to add dimension to the room, and if you hang a mirror with a candle shelf in front of it the mirror will reflect the light and increase the appearance of a larger room.

In small apartments, it is often best if you build shelving units into the walls. When you install built in shelving units, you will not take up valuable space in the room. These units do require some carpentry skills to install correctly.

Installing a Murphy bed in a spare bedroom will allow you to have a bed when you have company, but have the space to use for other purposes, like a home office, when you do not. You can also have a Murphy bed installed in living rooms, and even dining rooms, so you can instantly have a spare bedroom when you need one. The cabinetry surrounding these “hide-a-way” beds come in many styles that become a great home décor accessory.

In order to add a unique touch to your small space you can use custom window treatments. Many people like to put floor length draperies over windows to give an impression of large windows, and others prefer to use custom Roman shades to give the room accent and character. The Roman shades, or roller shades take up very little space, and with the many different fabrics, and styles these items come in you can create any look you desire for very little money.

Be sure that when you live in a small space, you utilize every inch of space that you have. Install shelving units high along the upper edges of the wall and use these units to display collectibles, or to store items you do not need to access very often, like your grandmother’s soup tureen. 

You should look around the house for spaces that are not being utilized to their full potential. Under stairs is a space that is often misused. Place shelving units in these areas for extra storage, or place a desk there and set up a small home office, or a place for the children to do puzzles, artwork, and homework. Leave no nook or cranny on your home unexplored.

Make the most out of commercial storage containers meant to fit under beds, and to make it easier for you to reach the back of cabinets. These space savers are worth every penny you spend on them.

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