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Decorating your Teenager’s Daughter Room on a Budget

Decorating your Teenager’s Daughter Room on a Budget

Most magazines portray lavishly decorated rooms for teenagers. This may discourage you from giving your daughter a room that they will be comfortable in and one that will be the envy of her visiting friends. However, not to worry, you can still make a dream bedroom for your teen, without using a fortune. A few ideas, some bit of creativity and time, are all that you need and the result is one magnificent room, which your child will adore. The article gives you some handy DIY ideas for decorating your kid’s room.

Furniture is necessary in any room and so is in your girl’s room. Vintage pieces from the flea markets around you will accentuate the room as well as give it a classic look. In addition, you can get low-costing furniture, as compared to buy new items. Check, whether some require painting or refinishing and remodel them. However, if you decide to use new furniture, search the Internet for the best deals. Most importantly, ensure that they are comfortable and durable too.

The next part of decorating your teenager’s room is by selecting beddings, which represent them. For a girl, beddings with flower and teddy bears patterns will be highly acceptable. You can also give your girl, a sense of belonging by writing their names on the beddings. You can use embroidering skills, to do this. It will not only personalize her items, but it will add some beauty to the beddings. Ideally, choose beddings before painting the walls. This is because, it is much easier to find a paint that blends with the beddings than the vice versa.

Painting the walls is another important issue. Teenagers are dramatic, so should be everything around them. They live in a world of fantasy; hence, they would appreciate it, if you prepare them, a room that represents them. To begin with, select a solid color and then bring in some homemade paintings or decals to complete the design. You can ask your child what they fancy, since it is their room, you are decorating; it is only good that you include them in the decorating project.

Rugs will beautify the room as well as acting as seats. Teenagers like sitting on the floor. Moreover, rugs provide warmth and cushion the feet, while your kid is completing her school assignment. Shag rugs may be hard to wash but feel soft under the feet. Natural fibers may be attractive, but they are not suitable for your daughter’s room. This is because some are rough whereas others such as wool shed fast. Do not overspend on rugs, since this is a high-traffic area and you will need a replacement sooner than later. Lastly, accessorize her room with throw pillows, frames, decorative storage boxes and baskets among others. You can find outstanding pieces in second hand stores or you can DIY some items at home.

Teenagers’ rooms need to be beautiful and inviting. It is where they spend most time and even for some, a place where they invite their most trusted friends. Hence, it is best if you go out of your way to make this room, to look lovely and comfortable for your child. However, while at it, cut cost with cheap, hand-made items and vintage items.

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