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Creative Ways of Enhancing your Home Theatre Experience

Creative Ways of Enhancing your Home Theatre Experience

Entertainment has become part of today’s life. True to the old saying that goes work without play made Jack a dull boy, you certainly cannot stay without some fun. Gone are the days that you had to visit your local theater to catch a nice movie or go to your bar to watch a game. Now, you can make your home the center for entertainment.  You will be glad that you did, especially in the evenings after a rough day at work or when your little ones are on holiday. How do you transform your home into a theater?

To begin with, you must create that mood you get when you enter a theater.  Hence, pick a room without windows. This will shelter in all the sound coming from your system. Your basement will be a perfect choice. If that is not an option, pick another room and place heavy curtains to prevent natural light from filtering in. This will make the room great while improving the picture quality of the shows, movies and games.

Where money is not an issue, invest in an automated system that simultaneously draws the curtains and dims the light in front of the screen.  Then, paint the walls black or any other dark color and accompany it with red carpeting and theatre-style seating. Recliner seats are paramount in this room for comfort. Choosing a screen is the next step making your own home theatre.  A large screen will give a better view no matter where you place it.  It should also be portable and one that starts up fast. In addition, go for options that are energy efficient and those, which will not need regular maintenance.  If you decide to install a projector, choose a LED light source and hybrid laser for the projector, which hardly fails in brightness over time.

With a screen and comfortable seating arrangement, the only missing link, is something to keep you alert as you watch your movie. Provide classic theater snacks to your family and friends. To add more excitement to the room, look for a cheap popcorn maker, either online or in the nearby stores. In addition, you may want to have a fridge in this room to avoid putting a pause on the movie to catch your next beverage. The most important thing while creating a theater experience in your home is focusing on comfort. Seats with adequate cushioning will be excellent.

Considering that you will be in this room for long, decorate it in a theme, which will be appealing to the occupants. The idea is to make the room, better than the local theater.  If you have a small space, you can consider mounting your screen on the wall.  Moreover, depending on the shape of the wall, you can install more than one screen, to ensure everybody gets a great view. Entertainment is essential and in particular with the busy lives that characterize most people. With just some little upgrading, you can make your home theater. This will be an asset when you want to watch sports, movies and shows.

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