This is Mary Walker. I create interesting and thought-provoking content on a variety of niches. I love diy helpful tips, exterior design, furnishing ideas, home keeping, landscaping all kinds of creative endeavors.
Hello and welcome to my Blog.
My name is Paul Cook and i am providing tips in home-related topics to help our readers transform their homes into safe havens. This is by putting all the information related to homes in one place so that our readers do not have to look for the information from one website to another.
Irene Miller is the editor at ostanding’s Blog. Blogging and Social Media is her passion by night, while project management and business development fills her day.
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Anna Woodward is a professional writer and a business person. She is an official blogger of Ostanding blog. She has had a passion for the written word and vast knowledge on various topics. One thing led to another, which has brought her to where she is today: a full-time writer!
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