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Things Very Few People Know About Folding Arm Awnings

Things Very Few People Know About Folding Arm Awnings


An outdoor space is only useful to the property owner if there is a proper shade over it. A folding arm awning is a really versatile option that can add style along with functionality to any outdoor spaces and increase their usability. Apart from making the most of outdoor spaces, folding arm awning are also used to provide additional shade to a door or a window. People use folding arm awning for many other applications like covering an entire pool area, making a retractable carport, extending the roof of an existing patio, creating an outdoor dining or entertainment space or any such other purposes.

There are 3 types of folding arm awning to choose from according to the requirement of the space:

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What Are the Reasons For Blocked Drains?


Blocked drains are found in most homes at some point or the other. This is not only time consuming but can prove to be very expensive if it is not fixed in time and not addressed correctly.

Here Are Some Common Reasons For Blocked Drains:

1. Grease and fat are usually poured down the kitchen sink. These are sticky and so they attach themselves to the walls of the pipes and slowly they clog the drain so much that not even liquid can pass through. Therefore, in order to prevent this, liquids should not be washed down the drain.

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5 Things You Must Remember To Keep Your Drains Fully Working

Whether you live in a brand new residential apartment or in a decade’s old house, drainage problems, mainly blocked drains, are a common thing in most households. Your household drains function round the clock to dispose of waste water and human’s organic waste effectively. But when these drains are also used to dispose of soap scum, hair, leftover food, grease, sanitary products and other foreign objects, this can eventually lead to blocked drainage.

How often you will witness drainage issue considerably depends on how much efforts and what efforts you put in for drainage maintenance and drain cleaning regularly. If your drain is fully clogged, call out a professional drainage company ASAP. But if you to want to avoid blocked drain emergency in near future, this post has got you covered.

Here are 5 tips you shouldn’t fail to consider to keep your drains running year-round and prevent drainage emergency.

Fit a Drain Cap

Every homeowner should install a drain cap or filter so as to prevent foreign entities like food waste, hair, etc., go down your drainage pipes. These drain filter will trap all those stuff which you can easily collect and throw in the bin. This will cost you a very tangible amount of time and money but it will help you stay clear of clogged drains in the long run.

Get Your Drains Unblocked By Professionals

If you suspect clogged drains, the first thing you need to do is call out a drain unblocking specialist. They have the right tools and skills to clear any stubborn blockage in minimal time causing minimal disruption to your property. These drainage specialists also adhere to the health and safety guidelines of the niche while fixing your drainage problem.

Stop Pouring Grease Down The Drain

Many homeowners flush hot cooking oil, food starch and fat into drains. When they are hot, they are in liquid form so you are not worried about them causing blockage in your drainage pipe. But as they turn into sticky solid particles as their temperature lowers and over time they can cause major blockage in your drains.

Don’t Use Hot Water And Vinegar For Drain Cleaning!

Many internet posts describe vinegar and hot water as a common home remedy for drain cleaning. And yes, this can certainly help partially unblock your drains and give you a temporary solution. But in reality, frequent and excessive use of vinegar and hot water can cause rust or cracks in your drainage pipes over time. At the same time, you should also avoid using harsh chemical drain cleaners available off the shelf. They produce harmful toxic fumes that can be threatening for your skin and eyes. And using them often can also cause early death of your drainage system.

Hire a Drain Jetting Specialist Once In A While

No matter how good you are DIY drain cleaning, you have no control over issues that can take place far in the main sewer line or drainage line which make your drains flow slowly and produce that nasty smell. This is why, it is extremely important to hire a local drainage company for deep drain cleaning. These companies use advanced high pressure water jetting technology to remove all build-ups, debris and other waste out of your drainage lines and leaving you fully cleaned pipes from within.

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Need to Fix Blocked Drain? Here are 6 Ways to Do It

If it seems that there is a blockage down your drain which isn’t allowing your toilet, sink or bathtub to function normally, make sure you clear the blockage immediately to avoid disruptive consequences of blocked drains. When it comes to drain unblocking, there are mainly 6 ways to choose from. Want to know what are they? Continue reading then.

Try Homemade Drain Cleaners

Before you try other DIY drain cleaners, pour down some hot water in the drainage line and see if it can effectively clear the clog and restore your pipe to healthy flow again. Be careful to not get your skin burnt by boiling water. And the water should not be too hot that can dissolve the drainage seal.
For more stubborn blockages, pour 1 cup of baking soda followed by 1 cup of vinegar and some boiling water. Leave the drain for 10-15 minutes and add some more hot water to clear the drainage pipe properly. You can also repeat this technique for 2-3 times for effective drain cleaning. You can also use this natural drain cleaner once a week to avoid blockages.

Get The Plunger

Keep a plunger handy always. Whenever you suspect a blockage and see water isn’t going down the drain, you can use a plunger to clear the clog inside the pipe. Make sure you know how to use the tool right; when you need to seal the drain cover tightly and then press it firmly such that the created air pressure will force the blockage to break apart and let the trapped air come out of the drainage pipe. If you don’t have a plunger at home, buy one from a supermarket or a hardware store near you. They come at a very cheap price. And they are a go-to tool for drain unblocking.

Use An Auger

You need to have right skills to use auger properly. Or else it can be unsafe to use the tool. Whether it’s fat, grease, tree root intrusion or any other thing causing the blockage inside your drains, auger can unblock it all! Don’t forget to cover your body with protective gears. When used incorrectly, auger can causes scratches in the inside walls or fixtures of your drainage pipe.

Pour Chemical Cleaner

Today there is wide range of chemical drain cleaners available out there. You can choose a mild one as strong cleaners with harmful chemical can corrode the pipes and damage its structure considerably over time. Besides, use of chemicals is also harmful to environment. While using a chemical drain cleaner, don’t forget to wear hand gloves and cover face with a mask for safety purpose.

Open The u-Trap

There are many videos available over the internet showing DIY way to open that U-trap located below your kitchen sink. Put a bucket under the drain while you open the pipe so waste water will not fall down on the floor. Clean the blockage in the pipe properly and fit it to the sink again.

Go The Safest And Easiest Way!

If you aren’t a DIY enthusiast or if you fail at any of the above ideas of drain unblocking, hiring a professional blocked drain repair company is a smartest choice. Drainage specialist use CCTV drainage survey technique to find out location and cause of the blocked drain and the extent of damage done to your drainage pipe in most accurate, safest and quickest way.

Look for a drainage survey Kent specialist and get your drainage system inspected for any problem they may have. One of the biggest advantages of hiring a professional drainage company is no matter how severe the problem is, they can fix it all in the most efficient and effective way.

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