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To create the ultimate functional back yard try breaking it up into four different spaces. Each space will serve a different purpose. By designing your yard this way, it will maximize the use of space you have to suit everyone's needs. When you split your yard in this manner, it tends to be more easy to take care of. Instead when you keep all of the areas together, it may seem like a daunting task to care for it all as one huge piece. So splitting it makes into more manageable areas.

1) Grow


This is the place where you would build your vegetable, herb and flower gardens. You can place a small shed here to hold all of your gardening tools. Have different sections in your garden area. Blend your garden plots with a mixture of veggies, herbs and flowers for a lovely place to sit in peace and enjoy the scenery. Be creative in the layout of your garden beds. Do you want raised beds created out of a lovely wood? Or do you want a rustic wooden fence around your garden plots?

2) Rest

This might be a nice area to place near the garden, or grow area. Set up a relaxing hammock under a tree. Throw in some nice comfy pillows for a luxurious nap in the afternoon. Have a few lounge chairs in to be able to lie out under the sun. Possibly use a large outdoor umbrella for times when the sun is just too unbearable. Lie down and relax while you are enjoying your colorful and thriving garden nearby.

3) Eat


What else would you have in this section but a decent sized table to seat any and all of your guests at one time. Make it a great space to have a barbeque and entertain. So a grill would be necessary in this area. If you have the space, you may choose to place a small refrigerator in this area to have cold drinks on hand at all times. Place some umbrellas or some sort of shading over the tables, as well. It's much more pleasant to dine in the shade as opposed to the heat of the sun beating down on you during the warmer months.

4) Play


This area is mainly dedicated to the children. Provide them with a playhouse or even a tree house if you have the proper tree and materials to build a safe place for them. For younger children, you can have outdoor toys, such as a water table and a sandbox. Place a small kiddie pool for the summer months to keep your kids cool. Get a small picnic table for the kids to do arts and crafts or eat their lunch on. Make them feel special in their own little area of the yard. By providing them with their own outdoor space, it will encourage your children to get outside more and let their imaginations carry them away.

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