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Tips for Exterior Stacked Fireplace

Tips for Exterior Stacked Fireplace

There is something so homely about stacked fireplaces, especially in the outdoors. They remind one of homeliness and warmth; the major attributes that every outdoor living space should possess. That said; most exterior designers find it challenging to make a stacked fireplace in the outdoors. Initially, fireplaces used to feature in the indoors and not the outdoors. However, times have changed and nothing beats a little bit of the inside in the outside. 

How to create a stacked fireplace exterior

1. Establish a design

Before you commit yourself to create a stacked fireplace in the designated space outdoors, the first thing that you should do is to establish the overall design. Measure the height, width, depth and length of the fireplace. If your customer intends to have a traditional fireplace, you might want to consider aesthetics such as brick. 

A traditional fireplace creates a focal point in the outdoors. On the other hand, if your customer wants a contemporary outlook, then a synthetic stacked fireplace will do the trick. Ask your homeowner if he or she intends to use wood or gas in the fireplace. Fill up the area around the fireplace with seats to add a sense of coziness and warmth. 

You can build a stacked fireplace for the outdoors going by the bricks used in the construction of the main house. That way, even if the stacked fireplace will be some distance away, it will still look like a part of the home. 

2. A concrete foundation

Nothing beats having a concrete foundation when creating a stacked fireplace. If your customer’s home does not have a flat area, you can dig a trench pour concrete slab. Alternatively, you could add concrete cinder blocks and a thick layer of mortar to merge the blocks. Most importantly, ensure that you give room for ventilation by creating an opening at the frame of the chimney. 

3. Establish a sturdy frame

To create a sturdy frame, a cement board is required. Add mortar in sections on the cement board in order to prevent it from drying fast. 

Stacked fireplace designs for the outdoor that will please your customer

Spanish Flavor - As the name suggests, this fireplace design is Spanish-inspired and is ideal for entertaining a handful of guests. 

Mediterranean Inspiration - This fireplace design is ideal for a spacious outdoor and it can be accessorized with candle cages and high candle walls. 

Sleek - This design is contemporary and has two sides. This means that it can be accessed from various angles. 

Old world elegance - This design is ideal for homeowners who have a pool in their patio. If your customer wants to create a romantic ambience in the outdoors, then this one will do the trick. 

Southwestern Style - If the homeowner is looking for a fireplace design that will create a resort-like ambience, then this is the secret. The cacti and the Mexican stone complete the look. 

You can take advantage of a stacked fireplace and use it to create a focal point in the yard. With these factors in mind, it is clear why every homeowner is bent on having a fireplace in their outdoors and more so, if they enjoy hosting evening parties. Put your energy in the creation of the outdoor stacked fireplace and reveal your prowess in creating a lively outdoor.

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