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Rustic Flooring for Your Porch

Rustic Flooring for Your Porch

Porches are nice exterior living spaces for sheltering off the hot sun of summer. They also offer beautiful platforms for the family and the guests to enjoy the scenery of the stretching garden. Besides, front porches are the first areas that guests step into when they come to the home. Thus, a little effort to spruce up the space is necessary. Do this by employing rustic flooring, either from wood, stone or tiles.  

Here are some options that you can sample:

Oak wood flooring

Oak is a popular hardwood for furniture. It also makes beautiful flooring for porches. The wood has a characteristic natural hue and definite grains that make it unique. It has been used in country homes since time immemorial. Even today, it is possible to have the same flooring, regardless of your home design. Oak makes the porch appear as if it has faced many years of use. This wood fits well with contemporary house designs as well. However, it is expensive.

Distressed interlocking pine planks

Where you are working on a lower budget, consider using pine to cover the floor surface of the porch. Pine has fine grains spread around and a pleasant color shade. It is durable enough to endure the pressure from weather elements. As much as natural pine is lovely, treat it with a fine finish, so that it does not give in to wear and tear. In addition, it will save the homeowner from hectic care and maintenance. The best way to install pine flooring is by placing thin planks, in any design that suits you.

Rustic bricks

Another low-maintenance form of flooring for the porch is to lay bricks smartly to achieve a harmonious floor. The bricks come in earth colors ranging from light brown to brick red hues. To get the best results, mix the colors to create patterns. This kind of flooring makes the space look amazing without much effort. It is also easy to maintain. 

Flag stone flooring

Flagstone flooring makes the porch look like an extension of the landscape. It has a timeless look and unmatched permanency. Besides, it calls for little maintenance and keeps the glow for a long time. It is an inexpensive way of flooring the porch. It might feel cold and unwelcome, during the winter. This can be reversed by using some outdoor rugs around the area where you have placed the seats. The best way to use natural stones is by placing them in different shapes.

Rough tile flooring

Although in most cases tiles fit in the indoors, they can be installed on the floor of a porch. Outdoor tiles come in various sizes, shapes and textures. A rough texture is a perfect choice for the porch. In addition, it is important to choose dark colored tiles for this home improvement project as the porch handles high foot traffic.  

Rustic flooring fits in any home design. It all depends on the taste of the client and their set budget. As an exterior designer, is important to understand the basics of each of the flooring options. It will enable you to create the porch design for your client. Remember to consider other aspects of the d├ęcor especially if you are remodeling an old home.

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