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How to Design a Front Porch That Will Amaze!

How to Design a Front Porch That Will Amaze!

Front porches are not only trendy but also inviting. They provide a nice and a comfortable area to entertain guests and spend time with family. Hence, it is important for a home designer to give a lot of attention to the design of the front porch. There are several design ideas for porches. The design you select must be commensurate with the space available, the needs of the client and their budget.

Tips for creating an outstanding porch

Consider the scale of the porch

Size is an important consideration in exterior design. The size of the front porch must be in proportion to the scale of the main house. If the house is small, design a small porch. It would be weird to have a small porch outside a mansion. The factor of size will also play a role when you will select the furniture, flooring and other décor elements for the outdoor room. 

Match the roof and the columns to the main house

As it is often defined, a porch is the transition space between the main building and the outside. It connects with the house. This is why it should tie-in with the exterior details of the home. For instance, if the roof of the house is sloping, that of the front porch should also look similar. The same goes with columns of the porch. They should have the same details.

Use comfortable seats

If the porch has to offer the needed comfort, elegant and comfortable furniture set is necessary. Choose wooden furniture made of hardwoods like oak or softwoods such as cedar. You can also use wicker furniture to create a country look in the front porch. Add a few colorful cushions and throw pillows for more comfort. Depending on the color and patterns you choose, decorative pillows can add pizzazz to this outdoor living area.

Bring some natural aspect to the porch

Since the porch is located on the exterior of the house, you can use it to make a transition, between the garden and the home. You will do this by introducing a few potted plants to the exterior design. For the best results, use different types of plants and flowers. While at it, place two interesting plants on either side of the front door. Use decorative vases to hold the plants.

Add a few area rugs

Outdoor rugs add beauty and color to the exterior spaces. The front porch can also benefit from the use of area rugs. Place them under the porch table and below seats. They will help to keep the legs of the occupants warm, while adding charm to the entire décor plan. These rugs come in different sizes, shapes and patterns. Choose them depending on the design, furniture and the flooring of the porch.

An inviting front porch is the dream of many homeowners. As an exterior designer, is your responsibility is to help clients achieve this goal. You should design a porch that will serve its purposes of entertaining and welcoming guests, enhancing the exterior design of the porch and one that is easier to maintain.

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