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How to Decorate the Porch During Fall

How to Decorate the Porch During Fall

Suppose a client emails you and wants your advice as an interior designer on how they should spruce up their porch for the fall. How would you advise them? As an exterior designer, you will have to give free advice sometimes.  It comes with the turf! Every day of your job is not all about money and design. 

Here is some advice for decorating the porch for the fall:

Creating the best viewpoint is necessary. The front porch must then be tailored to portray the sweetness of the fall season. It is not a difficult venture though. For instance, if there are already potted plants, all you will need is to add some elements that will connote the harvesting period.

No fall without pumpkins 

With everything else intact, that is, comfortable furniture pieces and suitable lighting, it is time to give the front porch some elements of autumn. Pumpkins are an integral part of any fall décor. The number of the pumpkins to employ in the plan is based entirely on the personal preference. However, do not overwhelm the space. Remember; there are other décor additions to consider. 

Use potted mums

Mums are characteristic plants during the fall. They are very good for adorning the front of the house. The mums come in different fall colors and flowers. The plants go on until October. Preferably, advice your client to select the ones that are yet to bloom. The beauty with mums is that they will take the place of summer annual flowers. 

Use gourds near the pumpkins

Gourds come in varying shapes, colors and sizes. They blend nicely with the pumpkins. Large gourds can be placed near the pumpkins, if the front porch has some stairs. A few mini-gourds and mini-pumpkins, placed in a large decorative basket will also enhance the outdoor space greatly. To create a balanced effect, use different sizes of the gourds.  

Dried corn stalks to welcome the thanksgiving season

Thanksgiving is a popular holiday celebrated during fall. Scarecrows, cornhusks and voluminous wreaths are choice aspects of the decor. Place the corn stalks on both sides of the door. Just near these dry stems, put some life with blooming fall plants in beautiful planters. Accompany them with some wreaths composed of fall colors.

Add area rugs with a fall décor touch

To achieve a fall front porch, everything must go in line with the fall season. The furniture, lighting, flooring and other related aspects of the porch, must be in harmony. Place a welcome mat at the entrance. Select colors and leafy patterns, which portray the elements of the autumn season. 

Hint on the Halloween holiday

As October rolls out, the Halloween is not very far. Add a few inspired décor aspects, to make the front porch, even more exciting. The client can use any form of Halloween item that catches their fancy. 

Fall nights need ample lighting to illuminate the exterior décor aspects. Therefore, outdoor lighting fixtures are necessary and there are many of them in the market. A chandelier can do a lot of wonders, serve like an adornment and at the same time give ample illumination in the porch. 

During fall, it is possible to welcome guests to the porch. No one wants to welcome guests into a drab living space. With the above few tips, it is easy to keep the porch looking awesome throughout the gloomy seasons.

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