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Garden Design Tips

Garden Design Tips

Of all the eyesores that a home could have, nothing beats having an unattended garden. Thankfully, homeowners have realized this and have endeavored to part with whatever amount just to have their gardens look spectacular. It is your duty to advise your client accordingly when dealing with a garden. For starters, the space of a garden determines how much you should incorporate into the garden in terms of accessories and furniture. 

Here are some more tips to consider when designing a garden:


A well-lit garden speaks volumes about a home. While most designers look at lighting as an after-thought, it should be highly prioritized. As most homeowners will look at lighting as an extra cost, you have to convince your client on the importance of lighting their garden. Lighting is not just a luxury but also a healthy addition to the garden as it plays various roles such as deterring potential intruders and pests. If you intend to create a soft and appealing ambience in your client’s garden, then an ambient glow would be ideal. Most importantly, lighting a garden makes it possible for homeowners to extend the night on the outdoors, especially when they are playing host. 


This factor should be prioritized when designing a garden. To minimize accidents and hazards, especially at night, ensure that there are sufficient measures in place. For instance, sufficient illumination in the garden is bound to enhance safety and minimize looming hazards such as tripping over a barbed fence. 

Try Houseplants

If you intend to create a garden that will be enjoyed all year long, then houseplants might come in very handy. Houseplants in a garden will make summer bearable and will ensure that all windowsills facing the garden will stay vibrant in and out of season. While most homeowners are afraid that the end of summer will bring the growing season to a screeching halt, houseplants can withstand the test of time and seasons. 

Create some warmth in the garden

Most homeowners want to have a contemporary garden that has a dash of warmth and this can prove to be quite a daunting task, especially on those cold months. You can counter this challenge by incorporating unadorned materials to create that inviting and warm ambience in the garden. Unadorned materials have the power to create an artful and personalized feel to a garden making it friendlier and more inviting. 


Incorporate accessories in a garden for that authentic ambience. Use sculptured art and other pieces of memorabilia to create an artistic space. Alternatively, you could try to add a few antique and vintage pieces to the garden furniture and see the garden transform into a spectacular space. 

Considering that every homeowner wants to have a garden that will leave his or her friends in awe, make it your duty to create a magnificent patio. Let go of your inhibitions and try to incorporate your imagination as much as you can. 

When it comes to the garden, you do not have to toe the garden line. Do not play too safe but instead, think outside the box and see how much your clients will adore your exterior design imaginations and ideas.

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