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Creating an Outdoor Fun Zone for Kids

Creating an Outdoor Fun Zone for Kids

Kids have a lot of energy in them; they are dynamic, hyper active and can get quite messy and reckless. These are just but a couple of things to take into consideration when designing an outdoor space for their use. The big test comes in where you have to create a space for use by kids; and make sure the space is functioning and usable. So how do you go into this type of design and décor?

1. Safety

This is always the first thing you should think about. The playing zone should not have sharp edges or structures such as sculptures stranding in the way. Kids can very easily get hurt by such things. Consider safety not only in terms of hardscape but also when deciding on the plants to use. Using poisonous plants is out of the question; considering a kid can easily fall on the plants while playing and get “poisoned”. 

When considering safety, you will not put up a concrete bench for the kids to play on but instead; you will have wood or other such materials. If you do end up using slab, then include lots and lots of cushions and throw pillows to soften the surfaces.

2. Dynamism

Kids are always bursting with energy and you should find a way to make their outdoor space do just that. Even when not in use, the playing zone should exude energy and dynamism and this could be achieved in a couple of ways:

• Introduce lots of color

• Play around with curves and other such fluid elements.

• Have different gaming and playing options available

• Have the space just busy enough; not too sparse and neither too crowded.

3. Variety

Kids get bored pretty fast and so you cannot just put up a bouncing castle and call that space a playing zone. You have to give them variety by introducing various games. Why not have a play house, slides, swings, sand pit, mini-tunnels, a trampoline, a couple of mazes? 

The other benefit of variety is that it makes the space more dynamic and this almost immediately renders it functional because kids can enjoy using it. 

4. Kids’ furniture

The size and type of furniture should be kids-oriented and not adult-size furniture. To give the outdoor playing zone a childish feel by using furniture that is designed and meant for use by kids. This could be furniture with cartoon characters on them; and they will also come in very diverse colors adding life to that space. 

5. Free space

Try to free up the floor space as much as possible and avoid having decorative features such as fountains within the playing zone. Give them space to freely move around in without feeling uncomfortable or having to duck a vase here and a lighting fixture there ever so often. 

Talking of freeing up the space; perhaps you should also factor in how to drown the noise coming from the playing ground. As a designer, you would like the space to suit the kids but if the adults are having another gathering just nearby, then they should be able to do so without having to shout over the kids’ shrills and shrieks. 

As an exterior designer, you are sure to enjoy designing kids’ space because it will not only be a welcome challenge but will also enable you to use your creativity to depths you would not have thought possible.

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