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5 Types of Exterior Living Space Flooring

5 Types of Exterior Living Space Flooring

Outdoor spaces feature a different kind of flooring from the interiors. A lot goes to the selection of floor types for exterior living areas. Owing to the prolonged exposure to the weather elements, there are some considerations to make. Good flooring for the outdoors must be strong enough to handle extreme weather conditions, high traffic and have the looks to complement the place. 

Five flooring types for exterior spaces

1. Stone

Stone is popular flooring in outdoor living areas. Homeowners, in place of concrete or paving, often prefer it. The stone flooring is suitable on patios, front porches and the backyard. Stones make the space so alluring and can last for decades without demanding for remodeling. It also makes no effort to maintain the stone flooring. All you will need are some area rugs, to add color and beauty to the floor. They come in different shapes and colors; hence, you can keep them in various designs.

2. Wood

Wood is a delicate material to use on the outdoor living areas. The best option is the pressure-treated wood. This is protected from the elements of weather. It does not rot or crack with time.  Wood flooring is commonly used in the decks and porches. It gives a natural and a lovely appearance. For traditional d├ęcor, use oak or walnut, in modern settings, consider using pine or beech. It is a cheaper option than decorative stone. However, regular maintenance and care are needed to keep its surface lustrous as ever. 

3. Rubber flooring

In homes where there are children, rubber flooring can be used to prevent accidental falls. Rubber has a high degree of shock absorbency. Hence, it offers a safe platform for children to play. Moreover, it absorbs sound as one walks. This too comes in a variety of colors. Use a color that will match with the rest of the exterior design elements.

4. Vinyl

While it is not as popular as wood or stone, it is used in covering the outdoor floors. It is a cheaper option than all the others. Vinyl does not also lack in the looks. It is used to cover the floor of the porch and the deck area, where water does not reach. Vinyl comes in different patterns and colors. While selecting the color, consider the other components of the exterior design.

5. Concrete flooring

This is one of the most common flooring types. It does  not exude the same elegance and beauty like wood or decorative stones. All the same, you can get creative with the concrete flooring. Today, there is also stamped concrete flooring that looks great and can last a long time.

Outdoor living spaces provide lovely places for relaxing and entertaining guests. Having decent flooring is important for aesthetic purposes as well as to stand the test of time. 

From stone to vinyl flooring, you will be limited to choice when you are selecting the right flooring to apply in a flooring-home improvement project. It all depends on the look you want to achieve and the budget.

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