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General Information on the Uniform Plumbing Code

General Information on the Uniform Plumbing Code


The Uniform Plumbing Code has been created by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials. At the moment, it represents the code that each specialist in plumbing has to follow, just as in other jobs that there are governing codes for their line of work. The main idea behind this code is, that each and every person providing plumbing services has to follow a set of rules. So, it does not matter if you install, repair, maintain or inspect a plumbing system. You still have to follow the rules set in the uniform plumbing code, guaranteeing the best standards of quality for the work you provide.

Advantages of the uniform plumbing code

The biggest advantage that the uniform plumbing code brings to the table is related to the persons receiving the services. If you know that a plumber comes into your house and provides a service that is regulated through a code, then you will be more secure and happy, knowing that your health and welfare are respected as well. You will no longer fear that the service provided will not match the desired standards of quality and, most importantly, you will feel confident calling the same specialist the next time a problem occurs.

Another advantage is that the plumbing practices contained in the uniform plumbing code have been reached through a universal agreement. This means that specialists working in this field have gathered and they have reached a consensus whereas the installation, repair and inspection of plumbing systems is done in a safe, sanitary and responsible manner. Plus, thanks to the development of the uniform plumbing code, there has been an obvious advancement in the technologies used in the field. It seems that one of the key aspects is innovation.

The uniform plumbing code is not new

According to the history books, it was more than 88 years ago when a team of plumbing inspectors have noticed that the plumbing systems were installed without a set of general rules being followed. Just after two years, the first uniform plumbing code was adopted and, since then, it has been under a constant development process and updated every three years. It was 11 years ago that the plumbing practices started to be decided upon universal agreements and since then more and more associations have started to adhere to this code.

The good news about the updates made to the uniform plumbing code is that they always bring something new to the table. The last update was made two years ago and it included a series of key modifications, including when it came to plumbing practices that were sustainable and other similar requirements. As for the actual content, you will discover that the uniform plumbing code is divided into chapters, some providing general information while others being concentrated on specific problems, such as plumbing fixtures, water heaters, water supply and distribution and sanitary drainage. All of these things and even more are regulated through the uniform plumbing code and thus it allows for skilled technicians to do their work in the most professional way that is possible.



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