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Tips for Selecting the Right Lighting for your Home

Tips for Selecting the Right Lighting for your Home

Lighting is a very important aspect in a house. Light has a couple of functions in a home. For instance, general lighting illuminates the entire room. You cannot do without this type of lighting in any room. Task lighting provides focused light for a certain task. This can be cooking, shaving or reading. Other forms of lighting include lights installed to attract attention to a sculpture, painting or an architectural feature in a room. Choosing the perfect lighting is not art of many homeowners but with a few tips, it is going to be easy.

What are your lighting needs?

Start with determining your needs. Why do you need lighting? Are you looking for a light source to help you complete a task or illuminate your living room or bedroom? When you have predetermined needs, your search for the perfect light will be short. This will also enable you to make an informed choice, on the many light options in each category of lighting. 

Ambient lighting will be a great choice to illuminate your hallway. This will shed adequate light on your entryway to ensure that you find your way to other rooms with ease. In addition, the hallway holds some of your favorite painting collections and your family photos. Use light to attract attention to the pictures. A chandelier will be perfect for lighting up the hallway as well as accessorizing it. To maintain focus on paintings and photos, choose wall sconces.

Inside the house, using multiple light sources will allow you to carry out different functions in a particular room. 


In the kitchen, install under the counter lights to offer task lighting. On the other hand, a floor lamp near the couch or near the reading chair will be perfect. In bathrooms, have some lighting at the mirror to prevent shadows and glaring light from blocking your view.

If you have a high ceiling and a contemporary home décor, choose recessed lighting. These have can-like light fixtures, and their name is derived from the fact that they have a recessed metallic can. This can is fitted on the ceiling and the light fixture installed inside. They illuminate the whole room amicably regardless of the height of the room.

Baby Room

For your little one, consider installing night lighting. This will do more than stop your child from getting scared as it also enables you to navigate through dark rooms. In nurseries, a dim wall sconce will provide the light that you need to change diapers as well as for rocking the baby to sleep. 

Dining and living rooms

Finally, for the dining and living areas, select your chandelier carefully. It is best if you consider your décor and the size of your room, when selecting a chandelier. They come in many designs and sizes. Whichever one that you choose, take into consideration your home design and the height of your ceiling.

Home lighting is paramount. It lights up rooms, helps you to complete that carry over office assignment and accentuates your home. Lighting creates the mood that you want for a particular room, such as the bedroom. However, to achieve great results, you must choose your lights wisely. The lighting should complement and enhance your interior design, not contrast it.

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