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Interior design tips on decorating a small bedroom

Interior design tips on decorating a small bedroom

Having a small bedroom does not mean living in a cluttered space with items all over. You can decorate the room and make the best of it by using some home d├ęcor tips. Whether you are an interior designer, or you are decorating your own home, the following tips will help you to make the room beautiful.

Decide on the furniture to use

Due to its small size, the room should not have large pieces of furniture. Make the bed to be the focal point of the room and place it at the center. Decorate the room around it. Because there is not enough space, do not include a dresser as it may take the much-needed space. Have a table and a chair for use as a desk. The table can have drawers to store some of the items you would keep in a dresser. A small chair is preferable so that it can be pushed under the table if it is not in use. Make sure that the table and chair match with the bed to maintain the attractiveness of the bedroom. You can have a small table for use as a side table and a closet to store clothes.

Lighting the room

Lighting plays an important role in the interior design of a bedroom. The small bedroom needs a lot of light and therefore, you should reduce the coverings on the window for it to bring in more light. You can simply use light curtains that have a neutral color and hang them slightly above the window. This will make the windows seem larger. Light the room using a floor lamp or a side table lamp that is bright instead of using an overhead light. This will help to light the room without highlighting the flaws of the room.

Painting the small bedroom

When decorating a small bedroom, the whole idea is to make it seem larger and brighter. This means that the walls should be painted with light colors such as white, pale yellow, cream or pale blue. You should also paint the ceiling in white. In case you want to include bold colors, you can paint walls using neutral colors and trim with a bold color. You may also paint three walls in light colors and one wall with bold colors. Decorate the bed using bed coverings that have neutral colors with throw pillows having contrasting colors.

Make small final touches

Small touches can make the room more attractive and beautiful. For instance, having few coverings on the floor can make the room look spacious while covering with rugs can clutter it. If carpeting, cover the whole floor instead of using many small rugs. Ensure that the floor is free from objects such as clothing. Include mirrors in the room to make it seem larger while ensuring that you display few items. Displaying more items in the room will make it cluttered and will take up space . Add plants into the room to make it more beautiful. They can be placed on a shelf, windowsill or hanged.




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