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Designer Tips for Removing Smoke Odors

Designer Tips for Removing Smoke Odors

Smoke odors can be devastating when you are trying to sell a home, or when you rent a place and the previous tenant was a smoker, or when you quit and realize that the odor is there. When the odor left by pipes, cigars, cigarettes, and such penetrates the carpet, the carpet padding, and the upholstery you will have to take drastic measures to clear the air.

Get rid of soft things that you cannot wash in the washing machine or send to the dry cleaner. This means beds, large throw pillows, rugs, draperies, and furniture with cloth covers. That smell is embedded into the fibers of those items and you are not likely to get the smell out of them. Or you can take the items outside and into the sunshine. Clean the items with upholstery cleaner, and if possible add mouthwash, or liquid fabric refresher to the cleaning solution. Let the item sit in the full sun for several days. You will want to cover the item with a tarp at night to protect it from the morning dew, and then uncover it to allow the sun time to lift away the odors. 

Unfortunately once smoke odor has penetrated wall to wall carpets it has also penetrated the padding beneath the carpet. You can clean the carpet, but the padding is still holding the lingering aroma of smoke for you. You will need to rip the carpet and padding out of the room. You will then need to clean the floor beneath the padding with a deodorizing cleaner.

You will need to change the filters on the air conditioning system in the home. These filters will have the smoke odors embedded in them.

You need to clean all hard surfaces in the home with an excellent deodorizing cleaner. You can clean the surfaces with detergent and white distilled vinegar mixed together to help eliminate the odor. You should open the windows to the home and let it air out naturally while the vinegar solution is drying. The fresh air will help to eliminate the smoke odor as well. Do not forget to wash down the walls, baseboards, ceilings, cabinets, shelving units, and headboards. You even want to clean the windows, and the interiors of cabinets because smoke can get into all of these areas.

You need to change all of the light bulbs out. Nicotine gets on the surface of the light bulbs and when you turn the light on it heats up the nicotine and wafts the odor throughout the house. The bulbs must be replaced, or at the very least cleaned.

You can take a paint tray and fill it halfway with white distilled vinegar. Then peel and slice an onion in half. Place the onion in the paint tray with the cut section facing up and sticking out of the vinegar. Close the room up tight for at least 24 hours. This is a good way to remove the odor of fresh paint, and it also helps to clear the air of foul smoke odor.

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