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Designer Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom

Designer Tips for Decorating a Small Bedroom

If you have a limited amount of space in your bedroom, you may feel like there is no way you can decorate the room and make it trendy, fresh, and fun without overcrowding it. The truth is that small rooms are challenging, but they are also full of possibilities if you simply follow a few rules of decorating.

Rule 1 

Keep the color scheme light. This includes the colors of the walls, the flooring, and the accessories. Light colors give a space an air of being open while dark colors seem to envelope you. If you have to have some dark colors in your room make it an accent pillow, or a color in one of your wall arts.

Rule 2

The more furniture you shove into the space the smaller the space seems. This is one of the biggest mistakes that people with small bedrooms make. You may have 2 dressers, a hope chest, and matching end tables for a huge bedroom suite, and you may not want to get rid of these items because you want to one day have a larger bedroom. Take some of the pieces of the set and use them in other rooms. Do not try to place all of those items in that small bedroom. Use a dresser in the living room, or the bathroom, or even in the kitchen for storage. The small bedroom requires fewer pieces of furniture.

Rule 3

If you are shopping for furniture for a small bedroom remember to shop for simple designs. You may be tempted to buy smaller items like twin beds instead of full sized beds, but what you need is to buy items with simple clean designs instead of the heavier ornate looks. French provincial furnishings will fit better in a small room than the heavier English style bedroom suites do.

Rule 4

Keep the room clutter free. If you are going to have a television in the room, then buy a wall mount to hang the television from instead of cluttering up the bureau top. You want to keep clutter to a minimum so that the room looks larger.

Rule 5

Use the space you have to the fullest extent. Make use of under the bed storage compartments, hang shelves around the upper section of the wall, install plenty of shelving and over the door shoe systems in the closet so that you have as many spaces as possible to put things. Do not stack boxes filled with clothing or items in a corner. 

Rule 6

Mirrors reflect light and light makes the room seem bigger. Place mirrors on the wall in groups of different sizes, so they create an optical illusion for you. Do not be afraid to use a full length mirror on the back of a door, or place one on the back of all doors in the room. You can use markers designed to write on glass to create a message board from a full length mirror and thus use one item for two purposes.

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