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Decor for a Dark Painted Room

Decor for a Dark Painted Room

A room with dark paint may appear dull and therefore, it needs to be lit up. The furniture and decorations should also be in harmony with the room in order to make it appealing. Below are tips to help you to decorate a dark painted room.

Make it brighter

The dark paint makes a room feel dull and there is need to make it brighter. If the room has a high ceiling or large windows, the light coming in can lighten up the room. Having many windows may also bring in more light, making the room brighter. Other options of making the room brighter are through decorations. You can paint the ceiling a bright color and have a light colored floor and this will brighten up the room. For a dark floor, use a rug with light color. Curtains with light colors are also appropriate in lighting up a room. Use light artwork and paintings on the wall. On the tables and shelves, group light objects to contrast the dark walls and to make the room brighter.


Due to its dark walls, the room needs a lot of light. Light helps to highlight the walls. You can use various light fixtures with the standard being the chandeliers and ceiling lights. Floor and table lamps are also appropriate for task-oriented use such as reading and lighting a specific area. You may also use decorative and accent lighting such as spotlights for highlighting wall texture and artwork. If the room has plants, you can highlight those using floor lamps. Other lighting fixtures include small pendants, which you can use on dressers, desks and banquets. Instead of using one light, opt for many smaller lights for better effect. Two or three smaller chandeliers are better than a large one because they have more light and are decorative.

Subdivide the paint

At least not literary, you can use objects in the room such as furniture and accessories to make the dark paint seem as if it is subdivided or broken up and not continuous. There are many ways to achieve this such as placing photos with different frame sizes on the wall or by placing wood or metal art. Placing tall and thin plants on the floor near the wall or on the tables can help to subdivide the wall’s dark paint while at the same time making some of the dark color visible. The use of tall shelves also serves the purpose and they also become space for accessories.

Creating harmony with furniture

Furniture takes a lot of space in a room and it also determines the overall décor of the room. You should therefore ensure that the furniture is in harmony with the dark walls. The finish of the furniture should work together with the dark paint such that if the paint has cool color the furniture should have a cool color finish. Ensure that you only use few pieces of dark furniture. Do not cluster light items together on a single wall but spread them out the room.

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