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Arranging the Furniture

Arranging the Furniture

Furniture is an essential component in every room, and therefore, it is important to put a lot of thought in how it is arranged. How furniture is arranged can make or break your home decor. Below are some DIY tips to help you in arranging the furniture.


Due to the weight of the furniture, it would be uncomfortable and tedious to keep moving it until you get the right position. The best thing is to arrange it first on a piece of paper before the actual arranging. Start by measuring the room and the furniture to help you in planning. Take a piece of paper and draw the room. Make drawings of furniture on another piece of paper and cut them out. Make sure that they are to scale. Move the paper furniture around until you get the desired arrangement. You can also use software for room planning to help you plan how to arrange the furniture. In addition to furniture arrangement, the software can also allow you to experiment with style, color scheme and sizes.

Determine the focal point of the room

Decide what the focal point will be for each room. For instance in the bedroom it can be the bed, living room it can be a television or the fireplace. The focal point is important because the rest of the furniture is arranged around it. Select the best spot for the focal point because this should be the first thing you see when you get into the room. You can create more attention by including accessories on the focal point. For instance, you can make the couch stand out by hanging a painting close to it. Ensure that the objects are proportional to the space they are in and not too big or too small.

Create a seating arrangement

The seating arrangement is dependent on the focal point, especially in the living and dining rooms. Ensure the furniture is of appropriate size so that there is enough space left for usability. For instance, there should be at least a space of three feet behind a dining chair. Use an open arrangement where the seating is inviting when someone is standing at the door of the room. The chairs should not face away from the entrance. The distance between the furniture in the sitting area should also be moderate and not too far or too close. This will ensure conversations move on smoothly. In every seating area, especially in the living room, there should be a surface on reach where one can place their drinks such as a coffee table or end table. Ensure that the tables are proportional to the space for ease of movement. If there are lamp tables, make sure they are positioned such that they light all the areas they are supposed to and they are near power outlets.


You should make sure that you leave paths when arranging furniture such that one has no difficulty moving around the room. There should be no furniture on the way. All furniture should also be accessible.

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