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5 Designer Tips for Decorating a Bedroom for a Teenager

5 Designer Tips for Decorating a Bedroom for a Teenager

A teenager is a complicated person that can be hard to decorate for, and hard to please. They are starting to develop their own likes and dislikes, and they want to make decisions about their surroundings for themselves. To a large degree, it is recommended that you allow them to have a say in what their room will look like and be furnished with, but you still have to make some of the practical, or the final decisions.

The first thing you have to do when decorating a room for a teenager is set boundaries. You are the person paying for the renovation so you decide how much can be spent, and you help them to choose furnishings, necessities, and accessories that can be purchased on that budget. This is one of their first real life lessons in staying on a budget so it is a perfect time for you to teach finances to them.

Learn to compromise. You may hate their color choices, but for the purpose of harmony you might decide to paint the walls a neutral color and bring their favorite color into the room in their bed coverings, throw pillows, throw rugs, and window treatments. By infusing the room with color in the objects instead of on the wall you know that when they move out or change their color preferences, you will not have to completely repaint the room.

When choosing the furniture for the room remember that the teen has to live in the room not you. You might love the traditional pieces that are heavy and ornately carved and your teen might be more eclectic in their decorating style. Let them have items they really love because they have to be in the room, and live with the choices. You want them to be happy in those choices. A teen that likes the way their room looks will be more likely to keep their room clean.

Think about the activities your teen is most engaged in and plan storage for the room according to those activities. If your child is a heavy reader, they will need bookshelves and a comfortable place to read, if they are into sports they will need a place to store sporting equipment. The ability for the room to accommodate the interests of the teen is more important than the color, style of furniture, or arrangement.

If you have a problem with people hanging things on the wall using thumb tacks or tape, then be sure that you hang a bulletin board in the room so the teen can post things that are important to them.

Consider a white board for messages. You can get these boards in many color and design schemes.

Consider painting a portion of the wall in chalkboard paint if you have a “doodler” that loves to draw. This will give them a place for their art work.

Teens need full length mirrors, and they need plenty of places to keep things. Look for shelving and storage ideas that are trendy, fun colored and that fit into the space you have.

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