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How To Layout Your Living Room

How To Layout Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most important rooms in any home. Here, family and friends gather to chat, visit and watch movies together. Creating a functional, yet pleasant atmosphere in your living room will prove to give you more enjoyment out of this space. When you are trying to determine which layout will work best for you, make note of where the heavy traffic areas will be. You don't want to arrange your furniture to make it nearly impossible for people to be stepping over each other to get from point A to point B.  Arranging the furniture to suit your primary needs is a skill which you can learn in this article.


1) Emphasis on a Focal Point

          The main focal point of most living rooms is generally the TV. If you prefer to have the focal point be another furnishing, such as a fireplace or a lovely view outside of your windows, then that is also an option. Arrange the seating (couches and chairs) to all point towards the main focal point. That way, everyone can see the same image, no matter where they are sitting. They won't have to strain their necks, while they have to turn their heads to watch a movie or a crackling fire.


2) Emphasis on Conversation

          This type of furniture layout is great for small gatherings. You can arrange the seating, so that it resembles a circle. Have everyone able to sit in this circle comfortably, so you will be able to carry on conversation easily. Place a coffee table in the middle of the circle so your guests will have a place to put their drinks down.


3) Emphasis on Children

          Creating a kid friendly environment might prove to be one of the more difficult furniture layout designs. Children tend to be more active than adults, so they would need more open space to move around in. You don't have to give up your entire living room to the kids, though. Maintain separate areas, one for the kids and one for the adults, through natural separations. Place a large rug on the floor for the children to play on. Place a small toy box near that area for easy access. Maybe include a kid-size table and chairs. Next to this area, you can still keep a couch and some chairs for the adults.


4) Emphasis on Balance and Symmetry

          Lay out your furniture to create a balanced atmosphere. The use of pairs of furniture works best in this kind of layout design. If you have a two-seat couch on one side of the room, place the same one on the complete opposite side of the room. Keep the “weight” of your furnishings in mind. If you have a large picture hanging on one side of the room, place an equally large painting on the other side. Balance out the room to maintain a sense of formality and organization.

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