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How to Furnish Your Country Bedroom

How to Furnish Your Country Bedroom

Most people want to have a country bedroom. However, they have no idea of the perfect furnishings of a country bedroom.  Having a few tips on what furniture should define this type of bedroom will make your interior designing exercise easier and fun.

A bedroom is a sanctuary for most people. It acts as a haven of peace and quiet after a hard day’s work. Hence, anything that pertains to this room has to offer comfort and create a relaxing mood. If you want to achieve a country bedroom, you should go for vintage furniture pieces. Although they may look as if they have endured a number of years, the furniture adds glamour to the room and creates a calm atmosphere.

When furnishing a country bedroom, start by setting the stage. Regardless of the décor of the home, you should know that a country style would be fitting for the interior of any bedroom. Be it a 19th century ranch or a modern ranch, if you place the right backdrops, in the end you will have a well-furnished country bedroom. For a bright look, place white-painted board panels on the walls and ceilings. If you prefer something more contemporary, apply unstained planks of pine and balance the effect by painting the walls in a neutral color.

The idea behind country bedrooms is to salvage what you already have. For instance, go to the antique market or use old furnishings such as boards to make a headboard. Use distressed patinas together with freshly painted cupboards. These will provide the storage space needed in the bedroom, as well as accentuating the space. Utilize their tops too by placing a vase of freshly cut flowers. It will give the room an appealing and homely feel.

Weathered crates if placed, upside down, will act as nightstands. Place them beside the bed and place a lovely vase on top of it. Since they are small, they will save on the floor space but at the same time create a country appeal. To offer a seating space, rocking chairs will be perfect for your country bedroom design plan. Alternatively, bring at least two wicker chairs into the room. 

A chaise lounge is another important furniture piece in a country bedroom. It gives you some relaxing space before you get to bed or during the day. You do not need to spend much on this one. Only pick a bench and add some cushioning, then, let it lean against the wall. 

In most country bedrooms, white color rules. It might feel awkward to have an entire room in white. To this effect, bring in colorful patterns to balance the look. Add patterned curtains, cushions, throw pillows and area rugs to harmonize the room. On the other hand, you can use white washed varieties. 

Lastly, consider a rugged wrought iron bed to complete this country bedroom style. It is a great bed if you install a good mattress and perfect linen. If this is not an option, use a solid wood bed with study legs. It will make the room to have a country touch. 

Furnishing a country bedroom is not as hard as it seems. It is the most inexpensive interior design project. This is because it uses items that people deem old and useless. However, creativity is paramount in making this exercise a success.

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