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Choosing the right garage doors

Choosing the right garage doors

Garage doors quite simply can add value to your home. When you think about it it's not as surprising as it may at first appear because when people drive by and see your garage and its doors they can create first impressions and generate curb appeal.

If your house was built from about 1930 onwards the chances are that it was designed for the motor age, for drive-in accessibility, and if your garage was constructed next to or as part of the house it is possible the garage doors account for up to 30% of your home’s front façade.

This is probably why upgrading garage doors has become such a popular project for people improving their homes. Indeed in cost-versus-value reports, the replacement of garage doors has been shown to increase the value of a home.

However, if you're in the mood to seek out styles and options for replacing your garage doors, breathe deeply: It's a challenging choice.
For example, just one manufacturer boasts 12 designs, 10 window patterns, and 15 colours for one model of door alone. That means there are a staggering 1,800 combinations to pick from!

So how to choose?

Firstly it's a good idea to determine what is the reason for the change?
Is it to improve the appearance?
Are you modernising?
Have you got a new vehicle that can't get through the existing doors?
Whatever your reasons there are basically four types of door:
the up-and-over
the sectional
the roller
the traditional side-hinged garage door.

Up-and-overs offer a choice of mechanisms - the canopy mechanism, which forms a canopy about a third of the door's height, and the retractable type that retracts completely when fully opened. These sorts of doors can be chosen in steel, timber and fiberglass.

Sectional doors can also be steel, timber or fiberglass. They are ideal for automation and can be opened even if a car is parked in front of them.
Roller doors are offered in two types - insulated and non-insulated - but both are ideal for short driveways.

The old traditional side-hinged doors also come in timber, steel and fiberglass.    
Up-and-over doors became popular back in the 1980s and still offer the biggest range of styles and finishes. With enhanced security and mechanisms, they are still best sellers.
However, to meet increased and changing demands of customers, manufacturers have had to develop new products. For example, the sectional garage door is a little more expensive but offers drought-proofing, much higher security, and increased height and width and insulation. There is also no maintenance required.

Roller doors, especially if they are insulated, have become much more sought after, not least because garages are now more often than not used as tool lock-ups, gyms, hobby rooms and workshops. The neat space saving and security of roller doors offers the flexibility that these uses require. A roller door drought-proofs and insulates in a way that is highly space efficient.

Because homeowners are now looking for energy-efficient home-improvement products, manufacturers are now offering an increased range of insulated garage doors. Within the UK the most popular forms are either sectional or roller garage doors.

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