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Choosing Solid Wood Cabinets for the Kitchen

Choosing Solid Wood Cabinets for the Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets do more than just offer storage space because they create a magnificent look in the room. Nevertheless, this only happens when you choose the right cabinet material. Solid wood cabinets are popular options in kitchens. They bring an unmatched aesthetic value. It is hard to tell original solid wood from some chipboard with a veneer finish. This does not mean you cannot pull this purchase off. With a few tips, you will get an amazing solid wood cabinet. 

Solid wood lasts a long time 

Solid wood can last for years without asking for a replacement or frequent repairs. This is due to their exceptional durability. They cannot be labeled as cheap though, but they will give you the full value for your money. Solid wood is the most cost-effective option for furnishing your kitchen because although it may cost more, it will last a very long time. Furthermore, it boosts your home’s resale value. 

To ensure that your purchase reaches home safely without any bruises, select flat-pack furniture. Ready-to-assemble cabinets are cheaper to ship, where your supplier is not footing the cost of the delivery. They are also cheaper compared to the other versions.  The only problem is that you will have to reassemble the pieces. It is never hard and in some cases, a complete user manual accompanies the package. 

The next step is selecting the type of wood. The wood that you settle on should augur well with the interior design and the color theme of a particular room. The most popular wood option for kitchen cabinets is bamboo. This is because it is eco-friendly and very durable. There are other hardwood options in the market like oak and mahogany. These are more expensive, but they make up for that with elegance.

What fits your kitchen?

The next thing is to find a match for your kitchen. There are no standard kitchen's cabinets in the market. Give more attention to the descriptions given on each product. In most cases, it will consist of the size, the material and the assembly instructions. This will give you an idea of how it will look in your kitchen. It is recommended that you take the dimensions of the kitchen you intend to furnish before you buy since altering the readymade pieces is practically impossible. 

Nothing can be more disappointing than buying readymade furniture that does not fit in your existing space. Remember, any attempt to manipulate the size could damage the beauty of the cabinet. To prevent this unnecessary hustle, measure the space and shop confidently. If you are not sure, ask a technician to come do the measuring and the fitting for you. 

Buy cabinets with organizers 

Consider the organizers. These are the most important aspects of kitchen cabinetry. They should be enough to store all the essentials of your kitchen, from the utensils to the dry food supplies. As you do so, check the accessories too. Pulls and knobs also accentuate the look of kitchen cabinets. You should know that the intricacy of the hardware, adds to the overall price.

Choosing solid wood cabinets does not have to be a nightmare anymore. The most important thing is to select a durable material and ascertain its originality. Note that the prices can vary even for cabinets made of similar woods. Advise your customers to look up different suppliers to find the most reasonable price. 

Solid wood is the best option for cabinets that will be installed in a permanent home, where you intend to live for a long time. Choosing dark colors will give your kitchen the valuable vintage look.

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